December 1, 2023

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William Boiva’s testimony stuns Eric Goins in The House: ‘Horrifying and haunting’ |  Ltd

William Boiva’s testimony stuns Eric Goins in The House: ‘Horrifying and haunting’ | Ltd

“William Boeva ​​was a confrontation for me,” admits broadcaster Eric Goins. “I’m 1.96 meters tall and my house is also designed for tall people. But William is much smaller. I found it a little uncomfortable, but that feeling quickly disappeared. William was and is a comedian.

This doesn’t change the fact that the comedian left Eric speechless several times. “The episode is poignant and poignant. He talks in great detail about what happened to him during his youth. This is how Eric tries to describe what William went through. “They kept breaking his arms and legs, and then they put some kind of braces on them, so that he was pushed back a millimeter every day.” . As a result, his arms and legs are today ten centimeters longer than previously calculated.

William Boiva responds immediately. “Yes, I just broke my bones. I had a French doctor at the time and I always called him ‘baby killer’, but he didn’t understand it.” However, William now also seems to be relieved about the results of all those operations. “Yes, now I have Sometimes there are difficulties in my life, but I don’t have to constantly adapt. I’d rather it be difficult sometimes than have to adjust everything every time.

“The House” with William Boeva ​​can be seen on Monday, October 30 at 8:40 PM on VRT 1 and VRT MAX.

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