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“This is the darkest day in my history as a player and coach”

Sunday October 24, 2021 at 10:04 pm• Dominic Mostert

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wears sackcloth after Manchester United’s humiliating defeat against Liverpool (0-5). The coach speaks to the club’s official channels on his “darkest day” as a “player and coach”. Solskjaer adds however that he hopes to be allowed to remain as a coach Sky Sports. He says he’s “going too far” with his team to throw in the towel now.

“We weren’t good enough individually and as a team,” the enthusiastic coach replied Sky Sports. “You can’t give a team like Liverpool such chances, but unfortunately we did. Our performance wasn’t good enough. We created chances, but Liverpool got chances and handled them carefully.” When Solskjaer was asked who was responsible for the defeat, he answered without hesitation. “My king. It’s that simple.”

“The coaching staff are doing a great job,” Solskjaer explains. “I’m the one who decides how we get into the race.” “We weren’t fast enough and gave a lot of space. If you give space to good players, they score.” A 0-4 result for Liverpool in stoppage time in the first half hurt Manchester United. “If you go into the first half with a 0-3 score, you have to score once every 15 minutes. I know my players can do that. But maybe 0-4 was the last kick. We lost 1-6 last season against Tottenham Hotspur., ​​but this Defeat is much worse. This is much worse for me as a boy in Manchester.”

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Solskjaer was then asked if he was still the right man to join a squad Red Devils to lead. “You’ve come a long way, we’ve come a long way as a group, we’re very close to giving up now. It’s going to be tough. The players are going to be at it for a while, but there’s enough character in between. Let’s see where that takes us.” Solskjaer could in any case count on the sympathy of fellow coach Jürgen Klopp. “Of course,” Klopp said. “The last thing I’d like to do now is be in his shoes.” “That’s how it feels when you lose a derby. It happened to me too. Then you don’t feel like answering all these questions.”

For the Liverpool manager, on the contrary, it is a “very nice day”. Liverpool scored their biggest ever win against the opponent. “We’ve written our own chapter in the club’s history. People will be talking about this for a long time because it won’t happen again for a very long time, if it ever happened.” Analyst Gary Neville Sky Sports It is suspected that the Manchester United board of directors will remain behind Solskjaer, although the pressure has become enormous. “It was a terrible day for Manchester United. They were completely destroyed. This is unacceptable. The pressure will be unbelievable.”

“The board said it was behind the coach and that he would stay in the job, but these results undermine that. This is a real defeat. Manchester United need to change,” the former defender said. “I think Ole will be given the opportunity to make it happen, but the pressure will come from all sides. There will be calls to his head in ways you can’t imagine. But you also wonder what this defeat means for my players. How will they recover? The next 24 hours may be the most difficult in the club’s history” .

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