July 16, 2024

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Corona numbers today

Corona numbers today

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Every day NU.nl provides an overview of the latest figures on the development of the coronavirus in the Netherlands. These are the numbers now known (Sunday, October 24), grouped into four graphs.

For the first time since mid-August, there are more than 700 coronavirus patients in Dutch hospitals this weekend. The total number of corona patients rose to 748 on Sunday, an increase of 45 compared to Saturday, when 703 people with corona were in hospital.

There are now 185 critically ill COVID-19 patients in integrated circuits, up 6 from Saturday. There are 563 people in nursing wards with coronavirus, an increase of 39 from Saturday.

88 new patients were admitted to the nursing wards, with 101 remaining on Friday. 17 new patients were added to the centers, up 2 from Saturday. And in the past 24 hours, 7 patients were transferred to a hospital in another area.

Three months later the number of positive tests was above 6000

RIVM reported 6,350 positive tests on Sunday. This is more than the average for the past seven days (4,994). The number of positive tests has remained below 6,000 since July 23, as of today.

According to RIVM, the increase has stalled over the past few weeks related to relaxation From the end of September. There is also a seasonal effect. So experts have already taken into account corona wave in autumn. The virus spreads faster in the colder months.

One new death has been reported

RIVM has received one report of a corona-related death. This person has not necessarily died from the effects of the coronavirus in the past 24 hours. Death registration may be delayed.

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So far, more than 18 thousand residents of the Netherlands have died due to the consequences of the Corona virus. The chart below shows the number of positive tests and the number of deaths by age group. Blue represents positive tests and red represents deaths.

23.8 million shots were taken

In total, more than 23.8 million rounds of coronavirus cases have been caught in the Netherlands. The number of pokes has risen much more slowly in recent weeks than at the beginning of summer. At that time there were about 1.5 million vaccinations per week, and at the moment there are about 110,000.

83.5 percent of Dutch adults are now fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The number of vaccinations is updated every Tuesday and Thursday coronation.