May 28, 2024

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This is the newly designed MacBook Pro 2021

This is the newly designed MacBook Pro 2021

The MacBook Pro has been given a whole new look – and now it’s even bigger. The aluminum casing is thicker to make room for additional ports and better cooling. We’re currently testing the 2021 14-inch MacBook Pro and are already sharing photos.

Read on after the announcement.

MacBook Pro 2021 design

In 2016, Apple made controversial design choices. The MacBook Pro got the thinnest and lightest design ever, but that came at the expense of the ports. The traditional USB input is gone, as are the SD card reader and HDMI port. Moreover, Apple introduced a butterfly keyboard which is very thin but it is also error prone. And where has the beloved MagSafe magnetic charger gone?

Apple listened to the wishes of its professional users, so the company was late with the latest MacBook Pro 2021 I see. The device – certainly by Apple standards – has a solid appearance. In the image below you can clearly see the difference, as we see it next to a file MacBook Air Specified in 2020. Unlike previous MacBooks, the top and bottom don’t have a curved chassis, which makes the MacBook Pro look more angled.

On the left, MacBook Pro 2021, on the right MacBook Air 2020

Not prettier but better

getting more beautiful MacBook Pro Not it (we think), but better. Thick casing creates space for frequently used ports to return. In addition to three USB-C ports, an HDMI port is back, as is an SD card slot. So get rid of those dongles that you always had to carry to connect external devices.

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Also back is Magnetic Charging Cable: MagSafe. This is a magnetic charging connector that holds the charger in place. As a result, it will separate if you accidentally bump into it, so that your MacBook doesn’t bounce to the ground right away. The new MagSafe connection also provides fast charging for your Mac. You need a 96W charger for that, which Apple doesn’t provide as standard with the cheaper configurations. You can also charge with USB-C.


If you look at the screen, you will immediately notice the notch that houses an improved 1080p webcam. In daily use, the sting from the screen is not unpleasant, because the part on top is always dead space. According to Apple, the notch is necessary to make the screen’s bezels narrower, which is actually quite thin. The screen bezels are 3.5 mm on all sides: 60% thinner than before. We are wondering if it is necessary to make the incision very wide. Additionally, the webcam may have been hidden away in the top edge. So it seems that the notch is primarily a design element.

What do you think of the design of the new MacBook Pro 2021? Let us know below in the comments!