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This is what the owners think

This is what the owners think

The current generation of the “normal” Mégane, as it is written, dates back to 2015. In 2020, the model has been revised slightly visually, while the car’s handling has been given more aggressiveness under the skin. For example, it optionally got the E-Tech plug-in hybrid powertrain, not to be confused with the electric Megane E-Tech. A year after the facelift, the hatchback has disappeared from the range and you can only fill up the Megane station. In this article, you can also read about the hatchback, which many reviewers have chosen.

Renault Megane Space

Traditionally, the French car provides driving and seating comfort. Mégane very much corresponds to that image, as confirmed by several users in their review on AutoWeek.nl. “There is no shortage of space in the car,” someone wrote. “It’s a good place to stay with four adults and there’s also enough knee room in the back. Since the property’s roofline is slightly higher in the back row of seats, there’s still some room left for taller people up to the ceiling.” To a lesser extent, this applies to the hatchback, about which the following user writes: “The legroom in the back seat is very tight. No one can fit in behind me as a driver without me sliding forward with my knees on the steering wheel. And at 1.80 meters, I’m really not very high.

Finally, the estate driver can still be heard about the trunk. Compared to the Mégane Estate in the previous model, it looks even smaller: “The boot space is much smaller than its predecessor. This was known, but in practice I often had to stack up.” Perhaps this user is referring to the roof, because the cool numbers show only a three-liter difference in favor of his previous car.

What are the comfortable seats?

Passenger space is good, especially in the estate. In terms of seating comfort, the owners particularly emphasize the sports seats in the Megane GT Line. “The Alcantara sports seats are comfortable, even if they are firmer than the ones in the Bose version. They offer enough support and the integrated headrest feels good,” writes one of these owners. It’s possible to lower the seat a little bit for me,” adds another.

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The standard seats are also generally satisfactory, although a couple of users reported a different challenge. The hatchback driver describes it as follows: “The seats offer enough adjustment options. The annoying thing is that when I put the distance on the pedals at will, I lean on the hard plastic with my right leg. This is the edge of the center console.

Controls and infotainment

On most Meganes you’ll find a large upright infotainment system with R-Link 2 software. This turned out to be the car’s least compelling point, because few users were so positive about it. “R-Link 2: Although I managed to find my way around it, everything works fine, voice commands and navigation are below par,” said the owner of the 2017 Estate dCi Bose. Driver of a similar car The car is a little more refined: well, About R-Link 2 my feelings are mixed. It’s a nice big screen, and I’m glad I now have a navigation and music menu on my screen at the same time. Colors are good, but touch could be a little more responsive.

This owner concludes: “If Renault had also improved the R-Link 2 system a little, I can rightly say that you have a great feeling in the new Mégane at a not-so-stellar price.”

How does Megane drive?

We mentioned traditional French comfort before. What can Megane owners expect from this? “The car is tight on the road and manages well in the corners. The chassis is a bit loose, but it certainly wasn’t as high as Renault used to. The off-road cobblestones are comfortable to drive on and the many bumps in town aren’t a problem either,” writes the owner of the Mégane TCe 130 Bose. The GT-Line has slightly firmer body tuning, though again the difference was greater, according to this hatchback’s driver. “It has a lot less suspension/damping than the previous GT-Line, it took some getting used to but I think it’s good now. It steers well (in Sport mode, so with heavier steering) and goes through the turns.”

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This young driver has a different opinion about the adjustable power steering: “I personally prefer the Multi-sense comfort mode. The steering wheel is nice and light, with the car feeling soft. In my opinion, the sport mode makes the steering wheel unnecessarily heavy without changing the experience Leadership “.

Many users have noted that the EDC dual-clutch automatic is not the fastest of its kind. “The automatic transmission is sufficient, if you accelerate slowly, you won’t notice it shifting. If you accelerate to full speed, you will notice some delay when shifting. The owner of the Mégane GT 205 sports car likes to drive A little faster: “The 7-gear EDC automatic transmission can sometimes be ‘lazy’ on acceleration. You can give the machine a helping hand by shifting first down (via the paddle shifters next to the steering wheel) and then to the plank.”

Megan is not really athletic. Where does it come from at its best? “The strongest point is highway/highway comfort,” writes the State Diesel driver without the GT Line package, “a real eater. We’ve traveled to Spain and Italy many times, and we highly recommend this car for that.”

Harassment and harassment

Is it all quiet and quiet with Megan? No, not that. Some readers will mumble “too in traditional French,” though this column proves that few brands are completely immune from trouble. Points that Megan’s drivers have pointed out many times: Noise from the estate’s rear axle. “In the previous update, I mentioned fixing the rear axle creaking with some kind of foam,” this car user writes, continuing: “Well, it’s been helping me for a year. The entire rear axle has now been replaced.” 1,000 km: “The rear axle had a noisy tap and had to be completely replaced.” At the same time, the reaction rod was replaced in the front suspension, which seems to be more common around this mileage. Another generality seems to be doors and door seals not fitting properly, which can be remedied by resetting the doors.

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In addition, the EDC automatic transmission with dual clutch is not completely without problems. Apart from the fact that some users don’t like shifting gears, many owners have replaced the transmission. Dual-clutch automatic transmissions are a challenge for many brands, and most surprisingly, the manual gearbox also gave up the ghost prematurely in two instances (dCi 110, 2017 and TCe 130, 2016).

According to its owners, the latest generation Mégane is essentially a comfortable cruiser that convinces with ample passenger space, excellent seating and an edge in driving dynamics. On the other hand, there is the difficulty in understanding the infotainment system and there are also the necessary points of interest in the technical field. Good news: On new models such as the Megane E-Tech Electric and Austral, Renault has replaced the infotainment system with faster Android Auto.