April 15, 2024

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This year, 40 games are coming to Netflix

This year, 40 games are coming to Netflix

Netflix is ​​famous for many series and movies. But recently, you can also play games on the streaming platform. Yesterday, Netflix announced another 40 new games to be released this year.

According to the streaming service, there are currently seventy games for the platform in development with partner companies, in addition to sixteen that the streaming service itself is working on. Since Netflix started offering games at the end of 2021, 55 games have been online.

What games?

The streaming service reported that the Too hot to handleThe game appears. The company has already found out Too Hot to Handle: Love is a game. The game appeared alongside the fourth season of the popular dating show. According to Netflix, it is one of his most played games to date.

In today’s role-playing game Too hot to handle Players create a personal avatar and can then socialize with other singles. According to the Google Play Store, the Android version of Too Hot to Handle: Love is a game It has already been downloaded over a million times.

Next year Monument ValleyGames on Netflix, starting with Monument Valley 1 And Monument Valley 2. These puzzle games were previously released for Android and iOS and have been available for Windows since last year.

mobile only

Currently, Netflix game titles are only available for mobile. There are also plans to develop a show for TV and PC, so subscribers can play on all of their devices.

Netflix continues its efforts to release a wide variety of games. In theory, this will help attract and retain more subscribers.