July 22, 2024

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Thousands of tourists stranded in Peru have been evacuated

Thousands of tourists stranded in Peru have been evacuated

After the reopening of the airport in the city of Cuzco in Peru, thousands of stranded tourists have been able to leave. This is what Peruvian Minister of Tourism Luis Fernando Hilgero said. It is expected that all the tourists who have been stuck there will leave by Sunday at the latest.

Due to unrest in Peru after the overthrow of President Pedro Castillo, a state of emergency prevailed throughout the country and airports were closed. About 5,000 vacationers are stranded in Cuzco, an important stop on the way to the ruined city of Machu Picchu. The evacuation of tourists from the destroyed city is difficult because the path leading to the tourist attraction has been damaged.

South of the Andes is the stronghold of former President Castillo. There have been roadblocks and violent protests in recent days. Also in the capital, Lima, and other cities, thousands of people demanded the resignation of Castillo’s successor, Dina Boloart, and early elections. Nearly 20 people were killed in the riots.

The Peruvian Parliament has not approved the constitutional amendment necessary to move the elections forward. On Saturday, Boulwart urged swift passage of the legislation. She refused to respond to the protesters’ demands for her resignation herself, as that would not solve anything.


Polwart said her cabinet will also be reshuffled in the coming days, after the education and culture ministers resigned on Friday. “We will reconstitute the cabinet to appoint expert ministers in every sector,” she said.

The departure of the cabinet members raises questions about the longevity of the Boulwart government, which has been plagued by political turmoil since Castillo’s ouster.

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