June 14, 2024

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Three Belgian C-130s evacuate 248 people, first buses...

Three Belgian C-130s evacuate 248 people, first buses…

Defense Minister Ludivine Didonder said 84 people were on the first plane that evacuated people from Kabul airport on Saturday. It’s 57 Belgians and 27 Dutch. Later in the day, a second evacuation flight followed to Islamabad, where the passengers were taken to safety to be flown back to our country. On board the second plane were 17 Belgians and 65 Dutch.

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“Thank you to all participants for the efforts, as well as to our Dutch partners for the excellent coordination,” Minister Wilmès tweeted after the first C-130 landing in Islamabad. It may be difficult in Kabul, but it is also difficult. Should. Full confidence in our people on the ground,” Foreign Minister Sami Mahdi added on Twitter. “We are ready in (barracks, editor) Beauty to catch people.”

“This full cooperation between the different services makes it possible to maintain a safe life. Thank you to all participants for their efforts,” Defense Minister Ludivine Didonder said.

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A third Belgian army plane also landed in Kabul on Saturday evening. This is currently still en route to Istanbul. This brings the total number of evacuees to 248 on Saturday, including 91 Belgians. A fourth flight was planned, but was canceled due to problems with air traffic systems.

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Vice Admiral Wim Ruprecht, head of the Intelligence and Public Security Service (ADIV), said the evacuees will not return to our country on Saturday with a Belgian plane, but the Defense Ministry is looking for other solutions in Islamabad.

34 Belgians landed in Schiphol

Meanwhile, 34 Belgians from Afghanistan arrived in Schiphol on Saturday around 3.30pm on a Dutch plane. Minister of State for Asylum and Migration Sami Mahdi confirmed in the press conference that they are on their way to Beauty Barracks by bus.

On Sunday, four evacuation flights are scheduled between Kabul and Islamabad.

batch after friday

The three successful flights on Saturday are a boost for the Belgian evacuation mission, Operation Red Kite, because things went less well on Friday. Then two unsuccessful flights to remove a total of 580 Belgians and Afghans linked to Belgium from Kabul. Barely 16 Belgians could fit on the first plane, and absolutely none on the second.

Belgium currently has two C-130s in Islamabad, with a third on the way. The evacuees from the Pakistani capital are then flown by other planes.

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