May 30, 2024

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Three Limburg Jumbos are turning freelancers

Three Limburg Jumbos are turning freelancers

By mid-July, Dutch department store chain Jumbo will transfer its stores in Lanaken, Sint-Lambrechts-Heerck and Heusden-Zolder to independent entrepreneurs. “Thanks to their involvement and feel for the local market area, independent entrepreneurs can better respond to social needs and include locally relevant products in the range. Additional versatility can also be added to the store,” says Jumbo management.

At the end of 2019, the first Jumbo in Belgium was opened in Belt. More than four years later, the Dutch supermarket chain has analyzed the reasons why this formula is so successful in our country. “We notice that stores run by entrepreneurs have greater opportunities to contribute to the environment and build the store around the customer,” explains Peter Isaac, Director of Jumbo Belgium.

Hence the choice to leave the jumbo stores to independent people. The buyers are already known: “On June 10, the store in Lanaken will be transferred to businessman Stefan Custers,” Isaac sums up. “On June 17, Jumbo will transfer the branch in Sint Lambrechts Herrke (Hasselt) to Hub Arends. In mid-July, the duo took over Entrepreneur Ali Aydogdu-Inge Janssen Store management in Heusden-Zolder All of these entrepreneurs are familiar with Jumbo and are eager to make the stores an even greater success. Employment contracts for colleagues in these “Stores take charge. Businessmen under current business conditions. “No jobs will be lost.”

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