March 2, 2024

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Three Palestinian students shot dead in US

Three Palestinian students shot dead in US

Last weekend, three Palestinian students were shot dead in the street in the US state of Vermont. Twenty-year-olds studying at universities in the United States have been affected. Police said two of them were wearing traditional Palestinian scarves CNN. The students survived the shooting and are receiving medical treatment. At least one of them was reportedly seriously injured.

The victims’ families and lawyers have called on the police to investigate the shooting as a hate crime. According to family members, it was “a targeted shooting and a targeted crime.” The suspect allegedly opened fire on the students who were walking in the street. Two men were shot in the torso and one in the legs. “They were not robbed,” said the lawyer, who believes they were targeted because they were wearing keffiyehs.

The shooter has not yet been caught. Police say he wordlessly fired at least four times and then fled on foot. All three students were visiting with family for the Thanksgiving holiday. “Our children are dedicated students who deserve to focus on their studies and build their future,” family members said in a statement, according to CNN. “No family should have to endure this pain.”

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