March 2, 2024

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US wants to save climate with nuclear fusion: ‘It will cause a revolution’

US wants to save climate with nuclear fusion: ‘It will cause a revolution’

US Climate Ambassador John Kerry announced at a climate conference in Dubai on Tuesday that the US will work with other countries to accelerate the development of nuclear fusion. He made these statements on the sidelines of COP28, the international climate conference in Dubai.

According to Kerry, nuclear fusion has the potential to solve the climate problem. “We are getting closer to a nuclear fusion-powered reality,” Dubai said on Tuesday, according to several media reports. According to the US climate envoy, nuclear fusion has the potential to “revolutionize our world”. But at the same time there are significant scientific and technological challenges, he acknowledged.

To overcome those challenges, Kerry has opened the door to working with other countries to increase nuclear fusion development. He outlined a strategy with five key points: research, supply chain, legislation, workforce issues and public engagement. According to Kerry, the US will cooperate About 35 countries The plan should be implemented. It is not yet clear which countries these are.

Surpassing China

In November, the US signed an agreement with the UK to rapidly develop the technology. In the south of France, the country is also working with dozens of other countries on Earth’s largest fusion project, ITER. China and Russia’s participation in the program is raising tensions among Americans.

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According to Andrew Holland, CEO of the Fusion Industry Association, a global interest group on nuclear fusion, the United States wants to create a global alliance of nations that will ensure the West does not lose its race against China. He told me that AP. The country has already made some research achievements in recent years Longest test answer in history.

What is nuclear fusion and why is it important?

Nuclear fusion is the process by which two light nuclei combine to form a heavy nucleus. It emits a large amount of energy. This process usually takes place in the interior of stars like our Sun. In the Sun, nuclear fusion occurs between hydrogen atoms to form helium, which releases large amounts of energy.

It’s not easy to follow what’s going on in the sun on Earth. After all, the Sun’s enormous gravitational field cannot be used to achieve the high pressure at which nuclei fuse together. To compensate, the temperature in Earth’s furnaces would have to be increased to 200 million degrees Celsius. Controlling and maintaining such a response is technically more complex, but scientists are beginning to make more progress with experimental reactors.

Nuclear fusion offers many potential benefits and is an attractive energy source. Fuels for nuclear fusion such as deuterium and tritium are available in abundance. Deuterium can be obtained from water and tritium from lithium, which is widely available. Unlike nuclear fission, which produces long-lived radioactive waste, nuclear fusion does not produce long-lived radioactive waste. Nuclear fusion is emission free.

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