May 21, 2024

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Trump raises $ 102 million to prepare for his “revenge” –

From Giuseppe Sarcina

The “massive collection” to fund court cases against “stolen elections” was successful. Is the former president ready to run in 2024?

Donald Trump has $ 102 million in cash. Resources spent on politics. In the first six months of 2021 alone, it raised $ 82 million. Key numbers for the former president, who was banned by social media, were openly accused by Democrats of instigating the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill and the judiciary investigating the affairs of his companies.

Trump has never removed his election machine. In fact, after the defeat last November, he immediately began raising funds, so he said, “judicial cases against stolen elections”. The “big set”, first, rallied its election site by email with a close letter and thanked local television and radio for their support.

The tools used, the so-called “Political Action Committee” (Pack), there are two: Save America, Created immediately after the success of Joe Biden and Classic Make America better again, Brand of debut in 2016. In addition, the site Donald J. Accepts payments. On Saturday, July 31, the former president announced that he had reported the financial data for the first half to the Federal Election Commission under the law. They were confiscated from January 1 to June 30, 2021 $ 82 million from 3.2 million contributors. This amount was added to another $ 40 million already on hand, for a total of $ 102 million. In fact, according to one analysis New York Times, Trump would also have benefited from the contributions he addressed on the site Winred, Is run by Republicans. Here, $ 34.3 million would have come in: 75% later ended up in the Trumpian coffers, while 25% was party-owned.

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But, beyond the details, all of these figures send a very clear signal to the American political world. Donald Trump is still on the field and, by all means, wants to be there for a long time. The most popular hypothesis is that the former New York manufacturer is, in fact, already in the election campaignR. 2024 Presidential Election. Many think Trump will play a key role in the November 2022 midterm elections, lashing out at “primary” traitors and “pseudo-Republicans.”

Will it really be like this? The symptoms coming from the area are paradoxical. True, in the last few weeks Trump backed some rivals. But almost only in words, it restricts financial aid as much as possible. The most obvious case is Susan Wright, who is running in the Texas constituency. Donald got it in Mar-a-Lago, but only last time This gave the green light to a limited investment in the business. Wright was eventually defeated by a moderate Republican. American media wondered: Is Trump’s grip on conservatives weakening? May be. However, yesterday’s report suggests another explanation: Trump is still attracting money and probably a lot of support. But most importantly, he focuses on one run. His.

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