May 21, 2024

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California Bacon Risk of Depletion

Alarm in restaurants after Animal Welfare Act comes into force: Only 4% of farms in the state of Los Angeles exceed the required standards

The main consumers of California pork belly: within the state of Los Angeles they consume 15% of the national total. Of this 115 million kilograms of pork eaten in restaurants each month, only 45 kilograms (less than 40%) comes from domestic farms.

Tightening this further will cause a significant shortage in the kitchen, which will lead to an inevitable increase in price. Matt Sutton of the California Restaurant Association said, “We are very concerned about the impact of the products. And there are reasons for this: Estimates speak of a price increase of up to 60%.

The California Association of American Pork Producers is once again asking management for help complying with the new regulations. Question and Answer In fact, since 2018, the law has been voted on by a majority in a referendum.

The last hope for pork lovers is in the hands of Governor Gavin Newson, who, in view of the upcoming November elections, may decide to meet the demands of the genre.

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