April 23, 2024

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You read everything, is it saliva? – Daily free

We are United States, California has to deal with a major emergency like the one in Italy, which has been on fire for a long time. But in this case there is no mention of the climate tragedy, the devastation caused by the fires.

No, we are talking Joe Biden. A video that makes you enjoy a pinch Donald Trump, Who called the President of the United States “Sleepy Joe,” who, in short, was asleep, not very attentive, not good at it. To some extent, the video seems to confirm Trump’s principles and allegations.

On Zoom, a conference on fire emergency is held with the President and Governors of the United States. At one point, an assistant approached Pita and gave him a note. You read the text of the note so badly: “Mr. There is something on his cheek“Yes, Joe Biden was dirty. So he read the note and wiped what was on the underside of his face with the wave of his hand, which looked like a small saliva lump. So he started talking again as if nothing had happened.

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