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Danish Siddiqui, Taliban executed in mosque by Corriere.it

From Marta Seraphini

The Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer was killed on July 16 near the Pakistan border. Did not die in a fight according to a new reconstruction. But he was hanged by the Taliban

July 16 Danish photojournalist Siddique, chief photographer Reuters In India, he was killed in Afghanistan. Thus began the reconstruction of the last hour of this Pulitzer Prize that fell on the field. He was shot during a clash between Afghan security forces and the Taliban New York Times. Killed in Taliban firing, Explained Washington Post. But now, back from the United States, signed by Michael Rubin – a former Pentagon official and an analyst today – comes in columns Washington Analyst New version of what happened. This is not simply co-damage; Instead, he was brutally killed by the Taliban.

According to Afghan sources, Rubin was quoted anonymously as saying that Siddiqui, an Indian national, and the Pulitzer Prize winner for documenting the Rohingya atrocities in 2018 – were in the Spin Boldak area on the border with Pakistan. Embedded With Afghan forces. Later, when the convoy arrived near the border, the Taliban offensive force split. Siddiqui was separated from the rest of the team with three Afghan players. During the attack, a piece fell on Siddiqui, so he and his group took refuge in the mosque, where they received first aid. Then the Taliban attacked again, the report continues. The Taliban had entered the mosque because Siddiqui was there at the time. Later, after they confirmed the reporter’s presence, after hitting him on the head, they hanged him, shot him, as evidenced by the pictures in Rubin’s possession. The commander and his other crew died trying to save him.

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So, a planned attack is definitely not a war incident. The Taliban have always been cruel, but since Siddiqui is an Indian they may have taken their atrocities to a new level.Rubin writes again.

The U.S. State Department has so far expressed its condolences over the incident but has not yet responded to Rubin’s comments It blames the US administration for its decision to negotiate with a militant group Withdrawal of their forces. The news returned to Brussels, beginning again yesterday with a post by European Parliament Speaker David Sassoli.

Siddique is survived by his wife Reich and two children from Germany Reuters He was buried as a trainer in 2010 at the Jamia Millia Islamia Cemetery in New Delhi in the presence of hundreds of people. He was loved and respected – colleagues say of him – When he returned from a job, other reporters greeted him like a rock star. This included the Nepal earthquake in 2015, the Mosul war in 2016 and the Delhi riots of 2020, when he destroyed a young Hindu fundamentalist gunfire in an uprising against anti-Islamic law.

Danish Siddique is a journalist who did his job. For that he was killed.

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