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France, 100 thousand people in the square against the Green Pass. And yellow clothes are back –

From Stefano Montefiori

The health pass is changed to “Nazi” by the usual comparison between the green pass and the yellow star imposed by the Nazis on the Jews.

From our letter
Paris – Freedom against the Nazi Pass The slogan most pronounced by the protesters was that freedom against the health pass was changed to “Nazi”, now the usual comparison between the Green Pass and the yellow star imposed by the Nazis on the Jews. Thousands of people took to the streets in Paris And on the third Saturday of a wax march that will turn into a general outburst of protest against “Saturday” protests throughout France: the targets are anti-Govt tests, vaccines and related certifications, but from there the big pharmacy (pharmaceutical companies), and from there the multinationals, the capitalist, pension reform and the resignation of the “leader of the rich” “Macron.

In Montpellier, protesters targeted a pharmacy and a tent used for tampons. Screaming “collective”, collaborator (again a reference to Nazism), The pharmacist was forced to demolish the tent and close the shop. There are good shouts of “cooperation” against Mayor Christian Estrosi, who encourages citizens to be vaccinated, and a picture of a firefighter at the head of a demonstrator. Four processions in Paris, Organized something Update yellow underwear, De la Repubblica and later riots in Bastille and regular clashes between protesters and police: rioters, bottles, trash cans burning violent edges of the procession and a few blows and punches to isolated police; Tear smoke, batons and water cannons by police, According to a script It is now coming back again from November 2018 With the rise of the yellow-clad, it continued during strikes against pension reform, which experienced the suspension of the spring lockout of 2020, and is now resuming despite the fact that July 31 and many cities – especially Paris – have been emptied. For the holidays.

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The far left and the far right are vying for support Preferred health pass by Macron e Not liked by minority people (Majority runs to get vaccinated) Gives new impetus to political forces, a year after the presidential election in the spring of 2022. “Today’s demonstrations must be understood and respected,” said Jean-Luc Mலlenchon, leader of the Left. Health pass is a false good idea, a ridiculously common checkIt is random and dangerous because of the illusion of security.

“We have more than 100 thousand in Paris alone, at the peak of summer, Macron has only one thing to do, suitcase!Microphone Florian Phillipot, former right-hand man and founder of Marine Le Pen Movement of the Patriots It seems to have found a new political place as it resisted the vaccine. Marine Le Pen, not long decided between support For the vaccine campaign (to strengthen his responsible side) and for the opposition (so as not to lose anti-organization votes) he has now decided to take the pages without hesitation against the health pass determined by rival Macron.

They appear when in western France Fake guillotines with anti-macron slogans And against the deputies who voted on the order to implement the health pass, the government will not give up, thanks to the increase in vaccines, which reach 800 doses in a single day. A crowd protesting against the health pass across France in mid-summer Political fact that cannot be ignored. While the spread of the delta variant worries scientists, most French people do not join the march because they agree to use and vaccinate against the only weapon available against the epidemic.

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His July 12 speech, Macron has already said ட்டில் In the process of evolution of the environment, we must no doubt question ourselves Mandatory vaccination for all French people“Despite the protests and slogans, the theme of the compulsory vaccine now returns in the words of Macronist Vice-Chancellor Franோois Jolivat:”Untreated deaths of delta type, In all age groups. If we are forced to postpone interventions in a new prison or hospital in the coming weeks, collective interest should prevail as they are not vaccinated, and we should consider making vaccination mandatory.

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