February 27, 2024

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Tips to get more space in your bathroom

Tips to get more space in your bathroom

January 11, 2024 – The bathroom is often one of the smallest rooms in the house, but it's often found here. It is therefore important that this space is designed as functionally as possible. With the right ideas and items, you can make the bathroom look more spacious. curious? Then keep reading.

1. Storage space

Invest in good furniture in your bathroom that allows you to store enough products. Choose a tall cabinet so that you can make best use of the space. In addition, use a beautiful basket to put your towels in, so they are also out of sight. This makes it look tidy because all the products are stored.

2. Mirror with lighting

Another useful option is to choose a mirror with lighting. This is a place where there is little daylight. This means that with the illuminated mirror, you'll always have enough light to get ready, and the extra lamp doesn't take up any space. Tip: Choose a large mirror. This makes the space appear larger. a Bathroom mirror with light Therefore it is truly a must have for every bathroom. What looks good inside your home? Circular or square design?

3. Transparent materials

Choose mainly transparent and light materials. Avoid dark colors, such as black and grey. Choose beige, white and dark gray for example. This ensures that the bathroom is light. Also choose a glass shower wall, for example, so you can create a spatial effect.

4. Less is more

The fewer products in your bathroom, the quieter it will be. So, only put products you actually use in your bathroom. In addition, use extendable elements, such as a towel rack, shower door and mirrors, for example. You can easily expand all these items when you use them and you can also fold them back, giving you more space.

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5. Large mirror

As you just read, the importance of a large mirror is essential in your bathroom. It provides comfort for yourself, but also looks stylish. When you choose a large mirror, the room instantly looks much larger. Complete your bathroom with beauty Designer mirrors. This gives a different dimension to the bathroom and creates a luxurious look and feel.

So make sure you have enough storage space, a large mirror designed with lighting, transparent materials and as few products as possible. This way you ensure enough space in your bathroom and you can enjoy a spacious effect every day.