September 26, 2023

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Tom Boonen: "I'm afraid Hamilton will win his eighth world title" |  Formula 1

Tom Boonen: “I’m afraid Hamilton will win his eighth world title” | Formula 1

Racing driver and cycling champion Tom Boonen never misses the Formula 1 race, just like Olympic hockey champion Alexander Hendricks. Both are on the edge of their seats on Sunday at the conclusion of the most exciting tournament in years.

Tom Boonen: “Sunday after the Saudi Grand Prix I had to recover for a while. I cried in front of my screen. I’ve only done it once this year: for Florian Vermeersch at Paris-Roubaix.”

Alexander Hendricks: “I’m going to support Max Verstappen on Sunday anyway. I got a taste of Drive for survival in a documentary series and Max is by far my favorite Formula 1 driver. I like his driving style: gentle and aggressive.”

Bonin: “After the Schumacher years missing for a while, Max has rekindled my enthusiasm. Because he is a citizen, but especially for his genius moves. I look at that with wide eyes. Max is a pure racer.”

Hendricks: “He races without being shy about taking risks. Fantastic!”

Bonin: “He can also take that risk in Saudi Arabia because it’s Hamilton who has to go after. He can take that kind of risk to a lesser degree.”

Next weekend, Max Verstappen (24) and Lewis Hamilton (36) are vying for the world title. Will Red Bull driver Verstappen take his first match? Or is Hamilton (Mercedes) already celebrating his eighth title?

Tom Boonen: “Saturday’s qualifiers will be of great importance. I thought the lap that Verstappen missed in Saudi was fantastic. Almost like that legendary round from Sina in Monaco.”

Alexander Hendricks: “Since his engine change, Hamilton has the most powerful car. Right?”

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Tom Boonen: “The Red Bull was ready earlier this year compared to the Mercedes. They haven’t yet reached their roof and have been able to make progress in recent weeks.”

“If Mercedes chases you now, you’re going to have a hard time. I’m afraid Hamilton will win his eighth world title on Sunday.”

Alexander Hendricks: “What happens if they push each other off course? This question is common in our group of friends.”

Tom Boonen: “I think they are more likely to hit each other off the track than they both make it to the finish (smiles).”

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