April 17, 2024

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Toon Aerts triumphs at Eli Iserbyt's main port |  X²O Cup 2021

Toon Aerts triumphs at Eli Iserbyt’s main port | X²O Cup 2021

“The score doesn’t matter today. Staying straight and having fun is key,” Eli Eserbet said before kick-off in Kortrijk. “The World Cup in Besançon tomorrow is more important.”

It was as if the Gods of the Cross were listening to that interview, because Esserbit had descended early on in a sandbar.

Meanwhile, Tone Airs star Vincent Bastiens has passed. It will take 55 minutes before the rest finally see Ayertz again.

Behind Aertes’ long back, Van Kessel shook Eserbet. But for its people – Iserbyt lives just a few kilometers from the track – Iserbyt is back to driving again. Keep talking about Van Kessel.

Artes continued to expand his empire. 24 seconds became 49 seconds. Since time matters in the X²O Cup, Aertes sprints to the finish. Only after arriving did he throw his arms in the air.

Esprit came second in less than a minute. He lost his lead in the X²O Cup and already owes 43 seconds to Aerts. Van Kessel was third on the podium. In the fourth place race, he defeated Baestaens Vanthourenhout.

Lars van der Haar was unlucky that day. During the survey something shot in the back of the European champion. He had to let the cross pass because of that.

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