June 18, 2024

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Trade unions interrupt social dialogue in the service voucher sector |  Economie

Trade unions interrupt social dialogue in the service voucher sector | Economie

Unions had cut off social dialogue in the voucher sector on Monday. Despite an inspection report published Monday, which cited numerous violations of regulations related to employee welfare, sector union Federgon is not taking it seriously, according to ABVV, ACV and ACLVB.

Last year, an inspection was carried out in 175 companies in the sector. In almost all inspections, violations of regulations relating to employee welfare are found. A total of 175 checks were conducted resulting in 159 written warnings, 19 corrective advice and one recall.

The results of the inspection campaign were discussed on Monday in a joint committee. But unions say employers’ organization Federgon does not want to sign a joint commitment statement that forces members to comply with the obligations. Therefore, the trade unions decided to stop the social dialogue in the sector.

“As long as employers are not willing to sign a joint statement fully acknowledging the inspection report and urging their members to take action to enforce the legislation, it is clear that social dialogue in the service voucher sector is impossible,” the joint statement read. Statement from the three unions.

“Federgon refuses to sign this statement. They seem to be questioning the social inspection files,” says Essam Benali, federal secretary of the ABVV Service Checks. “For them, finances seem to take precedence over the health of domestic helpers.”

“We therefore doubt whether further social consultations with Federgon as a partner makes sense,” Benali continues. We cannot accept that here he will become the “Far West”.

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Clarity first

In response, sector union Federgon said the safety of cleaners was an “absolute priority” but first wanted clarity on the results of the inspection campaign. “After all, a number of service screening companies have received a cautionary report about facts that have a very different interpretation of FMS, their own risk analysis, and their CPPW. These companies are satisfied that they have applied the legislation in full compliance,” a press release read.

“We also think it’s important that legislation, including welfare legislation, is followed closely,” says Anne Catlin, CEO of Federgon. So the report will be evaluated very soon. But it goes without saying that at this point and without more detailed information, we simply cannot commit ourselves to making very drastic decisions with regard to the warned companies.”