May 24, 2024

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Tunisia removes President Syed Prime Minister and paralyzes parliament – Africa

Late in the day, Tunisian President Guiz Syed announced the suspension of parliament and the removal of Prime Minister Hichem Mecci following a day of popular opposition to the current constitution. As soon as Syed’s announcement came, following an emergency meeting with high security and military officials in Carthage, many citizens cheered their cars and threw them into the streets. Yesterday, the 64th anniversary of the declaration of the Republic of Tunisia, thousands of citizens marched in various cities to protest the government’s failures, mismanagement and mismanagement of the epidemic. In the capital, hundreds of protesters gathered in front of parliament, chanting slogans against the Islamist party Ennada and Prime Minister Messi, and shouting “dissolve parliament”. Protests were also reported in Kafsa, Cairo, Monastery, Sass and Dojur.

“The Constitution does not allow the dissolution of Parliament, but allows it to suspend its functions,” the President said, citing Section 80, which allows such action in the event of an “immediate danger”. Syed said he would accept executive power “with the help” of a government led by a new prime minister appointed by the president. The president also said that the immunity of the delegates would be removed. Although a decade has passed since the 2011 revolution that ousted dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, Tunisia has been subject to some political instability, which has hampered efforts to renovate the dilapidated public services and make the necessary reforms to the International Monetary Fund. The fragmented political class of the country has not been able to form sustainable and effective governments in recent years. The rest of the situation was unsustainable. Tunisia has been facing some sort of institutional stalemate for months due to opposition between President Syed and Prime Minister Hichem Mecci, following a government reshuffle already approved by parliament at the end of last January. In addition, in recent times, there have been episodes of violence between delegates and other incidents that have reduced normal functioning and created more and more social tensions. The scenes that are now open are unpredictable, because after the announcement of Syed’s decision by the leader of the Islamic Party, the NHATA, the parliamentarian said, “Institutions are still in place, NHDA supporters and the Tunisian people will defend the revolution.”

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