March 4, 2024

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Two dead in shooting at McDonald's Zwolle

Two dead in shooting at McDonald’s Zwolle

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Two people were killed in a shooting at a McDonald’s restaurant in Zwolle Nord on Wednesday evening around 6 pm. This was reported by the police. Initially, one death was reported to the police, but another death was added later in the evening. The identity of the victims has not yet been revealed.


No suspects were arrested. After the shooting, a police helicopter flew over the city, presumably in pursuit of the perpetrator.

There is no word yet on the cause of the shooting. According to local media, parents with children were in the restaurant when the shooting took place. The police cannot give numbers, but they indicate their desire to communicate with people who witnessed the events.

The surrounding areas have been cordoned off

Fearing shooting, people looking for shelter left their belongings behind. Officers walk around the restaurant wearing bulletproof vests. The area around the restaurant is cordoned off.

According to bystanders, in the wake of the shooting, a riot broke out between the police and the families of the victims. RTV Oost reported that the victims were “two allegedly influential businessmen of Turkish origin”. According to the regional channel, eyewitnesses reported that the gunman entered a McDonald’s restaurant and first ordered food. Then he sat down at a table and shot two men eating next to him.

According to the police, the workers of the fast-food chain have been taken to safety.