July 21, 2024

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Two dengue patients at HOH

Two dengue patients at HOH

From our correspondent
Oranjestad – Two patients have been admitted to Horacio Oduber Hospital with dengue fever. One patient suffered serious complications, and the other has now returned home. The Department of Public Health (DVG) announced this.

It is known that both patients have not traveled abroad recently. This means that dengue infection occurred in Aruba. DVG is monitoring whether there are more cases of dengue. By the way, according to the government service, this is normal at this time of the year.
People who become ill and exhibit the following symptoms are advised to contact a doctor: fever, headache, stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and muscle pain. Tests can then be done to rule out or confirm dengue fever.
DVG once again calls on residents to remove places where dengue mosquitoes breed. Containers, buckets, tires and other places that can collect rainwater are potential breeding grounds and should be removed. In addition, it remains advisable to take the necessary measures to avoid being bitten.
The Mosquito and Yellow Fever Control Board (GKMB) intensified inspections a few weeks ago. They check in the neighborhoods if there is fertile land. This service, which falls under DVG, works with special granules that kill dengue mosquito larvae. These pellets are available free of charge from DVG and can be thrown into the water. One bag will be distributed per company, household or family. Anyone interested can pick up the bag from DVG in Oranjestad or from GKMB in Barcadera.