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Two goals and one assist: Magic Mbappe brings France to the quarter-finals  World Cup 2022

Two goals and one assist: Magic Mbappe brings France to the quarter-finals World Cup 2022

France can still succeed as world champions. Kylian Mbappe again turned out to be the best player in the 1/8 final against Poland. He provided the opening Giro and after the break he brilliantly fired in two more himself. Oh yeah, in the end Lewandowski signed as an honor saver on his second try out of the spot.

France – Poland in a nutshell

  • Key moment: Poland keeps pace in the first half and even gives an excellent opportunity to take the lead, but the French strike just before half-time. After Giraud’s goal, France takes over firmly not to let go.
  • man of the match It looked as if Mbappé didn’t want to share the spotlight with Giroud. After the 1-0, which he prepared himself, he categorically went in search of personal success. If that works too, in such a righteous way, you’ll be right.
  • noticeable: It was a recording night for the French. Griezmann played his 71st consecutive international match, Lloris became the joint record holder with his 142nd cap, Giroud became France’s all-time top scorer with 52 goals and Mbappe became the youngest player ever with 9 World Cup goals.

Poland surprises and makes things difficult for France

The first minutes expected a French push on the Polish redoubt, but Les Bleus soon took a more cautious stance. Poland did not come to Al Thumama to hide either. This made it an interesting piece to watch.

The danger was mainly colored blue. Tchoameni and Dembele dealt harassing punches, as did Lewandowski across the street. After losing the Polish ball, the alarm really went off for the first time, but Giro almost certainly missed a goal. A little later, the Poles had to swear. Zielinski fired an excellent shot straight at Lloris, who was assisted on the line by Hernandez and Varane.

Just before half-time, Giroud showed that his confidence had not faltered. He used Mbappé’s help as a real predator. With his 52 goals, he became France’s all-time top scorer.

Mbappe again shows an extraterrestrial class

The question is how long Jiro can hold this title. After all, in the second half Mbappe absorbed balls and attention. Sometimes overconfident and opportunistic, but always with an unwavering belief in one’s abilities.

Jiro stole admiring glances with a sadly blocked bicycle kick, but in the end he couldn’t rival his younger teammate’s charm. With an astronomical shot into the roof of the goal and a deft place ball into the farthest square, he gave Poland an award Bullet of mercy.

The Poles, and Lewandowski in particular, received a sweet send-off in a very long finale. After Desasi’s unfortunate handball was spotted by the VAR, Liwa had two chances to convert a penalty kick. Their 3-1 victory was just the margin of France’s run to a second successive world title. With Mbappe as the undisputed general.

  1. The second half, the 100th minute is over

  2. Second half, 100th minute. The end! Poland kept pace with France for the half, but eventually had to bow to Les Bleus class. Giroud opened the scoring, and Mbappe added two more artworks. .
  3. Second half, 100th minute. Lewandowski saved (twice) Polish honor from a penalty kick.

    Lewandowski saves (twice) Polish honor from his place

  4. A goal after a penalty kick during the second half, in the 99th minute, by Polish Robert Lewandowski. 3, 1.
  5. Second half, 99th minute. Liwa says goodbye. In Lewandowski’s age, there are only a few years of great football left. He is allowed to take the penalty kick twice and leaves the tournament with a second goal. Well deserved Poland. & nbsp; .
  6. Penalty? yes! The match is over, but Valenzuela is called to the screen. Desase committed an unfortunate handball and so the ball hit the post. . Second half, 97th minute.
  7. Second half, 96th minute. Milik almost scores with a great bicycle kick.

    Milik almost scored with a great bicycle kick

  8. No honor saver! Milik looked closely at the Giro and also emptied his bag with a bicycle kick. He hits the post and is also reported. . Second half, 95th minute.
  9. Second half, minute 93. Mbappe adds another great goal: 3-0 “His style of kicks is another matter!”.

    Mbappe adds another great goal: 3-0 “His kicking style is another style!”

  10. Second half, 92nd minute. France replaced, Axel Desassi in, Jules Conde exit
  11. Second half, minute 92. Jewel Mbappe! This is nicer than 2-0! “Every superlative form for Mbappe is a disadvantage,” says Peter VandenPept, and we agree with him. The place ball is a perfect fit for the square. .
  12. The goal of the second half, the 91st minute, by Frenchman Kylian Mbappe. 3, 0.
  13. Second half, 88th minute. Some other substitutions. Poland’s national team coach Michniewicz throws Bednarek and Grosicki into battle, if you can still call it that. .
  14. Yellow card for Poland’s Matthew Cash during the second half, minute 88
  15. Second half, minute 87. Substitute for Poland, Kamel Grosicki inside, Przemyslaw Frankowski out
  16. Second half, 87th minute. Substitution in Poland, Jan Bednarek entered, Jakob Keewor came out
  17. Second half, 85th minute. A large part of the crowd watched it and left. France will not let this go. .
  18. Second half, 84th minute. I think the feedback in Poland will be more positive than after the group stage. Peter VandenPet.
  19. Second half, minute 82. Hernandez takes on a sporadic dribbling from Mbappe, but then shoots recklessly. Meanwhile, Thuram and Koeman also came as world champions. .
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