April 15, 2024

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Uber can offer taxi rides in Brussels again

Uber can offer taxi rides in Brussels again

Brussels’ parliament on Friday approved a transitional arrangement that will allow Uber drivers to offer taxis again in the capital from this weekend.

Uber had closed its platform in Brussels at the end of November, in response to the appeals court ruling. It ruled that more than 2,000 Uber drivers in the capital had violated the current Brussels taxi law. The judge imposed fines on Uber.

Now Uber drivers are allowed to get behind the wheel again, at least if they meet a series of conditions. For example, only drivers who applied for a permit at the beginning of this year are allowed to return to work. They can only take pre-ordered trips via the platform. It is prohibited to accompany customers on the road or to park on public roads or at the place of taxis. Drivers must also be able to demonstrate that they work as a driver an average of 20 hours per week, and that this is their main job.

Will Brussels continue to get out of the taxi war?

Until July 22

The temporary solution is valid until July 22. The hope is that by then, the Brussels Region’s final taxi scheme, which should create a permanent legal framework, will be in effect. At the end of November, the Brussels government had already given the green light for this. Uber welcomed the transitional arrangement.

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