June 20, 2024

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Ubisoft announces this year's Rainbow Six Siege roadmap

Ubisoft announces this year’s Rainbow Six Siege roadmap

Yesterday, Ubisoft announced the first details of the new Rainbow Six Siege season. We are now in its seventh year and according to the developer/publisher, this is the biggest year ever for the game. We can of course expect the standard add-ons like clients and necessary balance updates, but there’s a lot more in the pipeline.

To provide insight into this, Ubisoft has released a roadmap in which we see plans for the upcoming period. The most important additions of the season are as follows:

  • Season 1 – Emerald Plains as a new map and Azami as a new client
  • Season 2 – New map and factor from Belgium
  • Season 3 – New map and factor from Singapore
  • Season 4 – New Agent From Columbia

Each season also comes with a new event and arcade, so there’s a lot to look forward to in that regard. Ubisoft has also announced that cross-play and cross-save will be introduced by the time Season 4 ends.

That’s not all, because a lot has been added to the game in other areas as well. So the breakdown is as follows:

  • Season 1 – Privacy mode, disconnect detection improvements, Team Deathmatch and Attacker Repick
  • Season 2 – Phase 1 reputation system, friendly fire penalties, improvements to match elimination, shooting range, and client tips
  • Season 3 – Phase Two Reputation System, Reporting Replays, and Rating 2.0
  • Season 4 – Reputation System Phase 3, Permanent Passages

More about Season 1, Demon Veil, you can here You find.

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