June 17, 2024

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UEFA will decide on Friday at the latest the result of the Belgium-Sweden match, and the Red Devils will almost certainly be the seed in the European Championship |  The Belgium-Sweden match was cancelled

UEFA will decide on Friday at the latest the result of the Belgium-Sweden match, and the Red Devils will almost certainly be the seed in the European Championship | The Belgium-Sweden match was cancelled

By Friday at the latest, UEFA will decide the outcome of the canceled Belgium-Sweden match. The Belgian Football Association has already announced that it will not demand a losing result and the Swedes are also reluctant to complete the second half. In any case, it does not appear that the result will have any sporting consequences for the team Red Devils. If they beat Azerbaijan on the final match day, they will almost certainly be seeded in the European Championship draw.

look. Reconstruction of the evening at King Baudouin Stadium

Football is a side affair, especially at times like Monday evening. A harsh return to reality. The Swedish national team decided during the first half that there was no point in continuing the match, after two Swedish fans were attacked a few kilometers away, and informed the Belgian dressing room and UEFA through their captain Victor Lindelof. The Red Devils followed their Swedish colleagues in this. No one blamed them at all.

Although there is still uncertainty surrounding the outcome of the Belgium-Sweden match, no matter how insignificant it may seem. In accordance with Article 29 of UEFA legislation, a suspended official match must be resumed as soon as possible. Preferably the next day (Tuesday), without an audience, and in the same stadium. Nothing happened, as the Swedish national team immediately returned to Stockholm on board the team charter and the Devils also returned home one by one.

Not to mention all the organizational measures that had to be taken. Safety, the potential for ticket sales, television broadcasting… many questions for which UEFA does not have an immediately ready answer and therefore must be examined depending on the situation.

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look. Belgium and Sweden advanced to the end of the first half with a 1-1 draw

“If it is not possible to continue the next day, UEFA will look for a new date as soon as possible after the postponed match,” UEFA wrote. The next international break is already planned for November. Belgium will play only one match in the group stage on November 19, against Azerbaijan. Earlier that week, the Devils practiced against Serbia, a game that could be canceled if necessary. Only: the Swedes themselves are not free.

They will play two more European Championship qualifiers against Azerbaijan and Estonia in that international match. With the draw for the 2024 European Championship already scheduled for December 2, time is running out. UEFA legislation states that “rescheduling may involve deviation from the traditional match schedule,” but it is not realistic for Sweden to play three international matches while committing to one international match. UEFA will decide by Friday at the latest what will happen with the settlement of the match.

There are not many precedents for terrorism. When the Paris bombings cast a shadow over a friendly match between France and Germany in 2015, the match was complete. “In the event of force majeure, the UEFA Emergency Committee will make a decision. If this is not possible due to urgent necessity, the decision will be made by UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin or General Secretary Theodor Theodoridis.

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“We will not insist on a lump sum.”

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Since Sweden requested the match to be stopped, UEFA may be leaning toward a loss for the Scandinavian team. Interim CEO Manu Leroy previously responded to Le Soir. “We will not insist on a lump sum. We want to show respect for what happened.”

For KBVB, the “best solution” is for the match to end in a 1-1 draw. Leroy: “I will contact the Swedish and Austrian federations and UEFA. We will not cling to our seed status. At some point, ethics and ethics have to take precedence.

Although Tuesday evening’s results give Belgium a helping hand. At first it seemed that the result against Sweden was important for the Red Devils to secure a seeding spot in the European Championship. But Hungary’s draw with Lithuania (2-2) changed that. If Belgium beats Azerbaijan by one goal on the final day of the match, the goal difference compared to Hungary is already more than seven and the Hungarians will have to score very quickly to keep up with this difference. They are still playing in Bulgaria and at home against Montenegro. For comparison: Hungary scored “only” eleven goals in its other six group matches.

Even if the 1-1 halftime score against Sweden is also the final score, it appears to have no sporting consequences for the Devils. But what will UEFA do in the coming days? 1-1? 3-0? Or another 45 minutes of football? The answer is Friday at the latest.

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin.
UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin. © Agence France-Presse