September 21, 2023

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Ukraine Live.  US Army Commander: Ukraine has just over 30 days to counterattack |  house

Ukraine Live. US Army Commander: Ukraine has just over 30 days to counterattack | house


US Army Commander: 30 days remaining for the Ukrainian counterattack

Ukraine has Just over 30 days to go Before weather conditions hindered the counterattack. This is what the American general said Mark Millie In an interview with BBC. According to Milly, it is about the Armed Forces of Ukraine It is very difficult to move around in cold weather.

In a conversation with the BBC’s Laura Kuensberg, he acknowledged the counterattack Returns are slower than expected. But he added: “There is still heavy fighting going on. The Ukrainians are still making steady progress.” Milly says it’s too early to tell Or the counterattack fails. He said the Ukrainian advance across Russia’s front lines was going “at a very steady pace”, the BBC reported.

According to the American general, there are likely to be others 30 to 45 days of good weather He left for combat operations, so the work of the Ukrainian army is not over yet. “I said at the beginning of this war that it would be a long, slow, difficult war with many casualties, and that is exactly the case.”

In the same interview with the BBC, British Admiral Tony Radakin said That Ukraine wins and Russia loses. “Because Russia’s goal was to subjugate Ukraine and bring it under its control. This has not happened and never will, and that is why Ukraine is winning.”


Moscow claims that Putin’s party won the elections in the Ukrainian territories it annexed

According to Moscow, the party has Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party won the regional elections in the occupied Ukrainian territories. This applies to Kherson, Zaporizhia, Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.

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Putin’s party will be everywhere More than 70 percent It was announced Sunday evening. The international community has already announced that it will receive the results of that ballot box You will not confess. The West talks aboutFake electionsin the occupied territories of Ukraine.

Regional elections also took place in recent days Crimea The place that has been under Moscow’s control since 2014, and in the rest of Russia. This includes holding elections at different levels to form regional parliaments, governors and mayors. According to the independent election monitoring body “Golos”. Voters who have been pressured or observers who have been denied access.

A woman casts her ballot at a polling station in Donetsk, in one of the regions occupied by Russia. © National Police Agency / Environmental Protection Agency


Erdogan: The grain deal that isolates Russia is untenable

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan He warns of Russia’s isolation In negotiations on a new agreement for the export of Ukrainian grain. “A trial that excludes Russia is likely on the grain issue not sustainable The Turkish president said after the G-20 summit in New Delhi.

Erdogan said Türkiye was continuing its mediation efforts. He has indicated Russian demands. The initial agreement also included a deal with Russia to facilitate the export of Russian food and fertilizer products. Russian President Vladimir Putin told Erdogan last September that he wanted the grain deal only if all Russian demands were met.

Moscow wants to relax Western sanctions in terms of payment, logistics and insurance.

He. She grain agreement It was established after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with the mediation of Turkey and the United Nations in July last year. This allowed the export of millions of tons of grain and other foodstuffs across the Black Sea It resumed after Russia blockaded Ukrainian ports. In mid-July, Moscow unilaterally withdrew from the agreement. Since then, tensions in the Black Sea have risen again.

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Ukraine is making progress in the south, and is witnessing fierce battles in the east

The Ukrainian military claims to have space 1.5 square kilometers have been restored In the vicinity of the recently liberated village of Ropotain in the south of the country.

“The Russians are clinging to every meter of our Ukrainian territory. However, the Ukrainian forces do difficult maybe for the Russian army feel To supply “In some areas, this is paying off,” said army spokesman Oleksandr Stobo.

General Oleksandr Tarnavsky, in charge of the counterattack in the area, stated that the Ukrainian army More than a kilometer of progress He could advance the Russian army in the Tavria region.

© AP

In the east In Ukraine, the Russian army continues its attacks. Near Marginka, in the Donetsk region, about fifteen soldiers were detained by Ukrainian soldiers enemy attacks Against, according to Stopun.

In the Kharkiv region, Ukrainian authorities said the Russians had tried unsuccessfully to approach the village of Berestov. According to the Ukrainian General Staff, more than Thirty fights occurred within the past 24 hours.

the Chief of Staff of the US Army And Mark Miley said in an interview published Sunday on the BBC public broadcaster BBC that the Ukrainians Another 30 to 45 days They have to achieve success in their counterattack weather It will complicate the situation. “It’s still a fair amount of time,” he said.

within approx one month Will it be cooler In Ukraine and goes on it rains And get muddy. “Then it becomes really difficult to maneuver, and then the real winter comes,” Miley said.

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Russia wants to build Soviet-era tanks again

Russia plans to increase its production T-80 tanks Since Soviet times, and now that the war in Ukraine has exhausted military supplies. The machinery manufacturer and state-owned company Uralvagonzavod will build the tanks from scratch produce againQuoting the Bloomberg news agency, citing the Russian agency Interfax. “The military gave us this task,” says CEO Alexander Potapov.

The machine builder is now working on Logistics details project, which will require new capabilities. The company also manufactures buggies, road construction machinery and tractors.

It was T-80 In service since 1976 It was the last main battle tank designed and manufactured by the Soviet Union in large quantities.

T-80 tank, in this case in service with the Ukrainian army.
T-80 tank, in this case in service with the Ukrainian army. © Agence France-Presse

Russia will do that Ammo want to buy from north korea For Soviet era weapons. The Army has already had to dust off the T-54 and T-62 tanks, which are in some cases fifty years old.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said last June that Russia… Weapons production barely Tripled It happened, but the army still has it Lack Of advanced weapons. In July, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Uralvagonzavod had increased deliveries and re-equipment of T-72 and T-90 tanks.