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Ultra Fresh, Cool or Luxurious?  This is how you incorporate green into your home (also with other colours).  MyGuide

Ultra Fresh, Cool or Luxurious? This is how you incorporate green into your home (also with other colours). MyGuide

vtwonenGreen is an incredibly versatile color that goes with almost any home and you can combine it endlessly. What colors go with green? And how do you start with that color in you? bee vtwonen.be We know how to answer these questions perfectly.

What does green do to your interior?

Whatever shade you choose: green reminds us of nature. It is a color that represents growth, calmness, and positive energy. In addition, each shade of green has its own effect.

Mint green, for example, is very fresh, spruce green and army green are gorgeous and emerald green has a very luxurious look. Whether you’re going for a completely green living room, green kitchen, or just a green wall: green in your home makes you zen.

Colors largely determine the atmosphere of your home interior. That’s why it’s so exciting to say goodbye to your whitewashed walls. But when you get your first lick of paint on your wall, you’re often sold out. After all, using the right shades, you can make the room nicer, warmer, more intimate or larger. Read more about color (contrast) and choice here.

What colors go with green?

You’re done: you’re going green. Whether you choose an all-green space or just one wall, chances are you’ll want to combine green with other colors. But what color goes with green in your home? Well, it depends on the shade of green you choose…

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For example, are you wondering what color goes with green and blue? In Itten’s color wheel, you can see at a glance which colors complement each other and which contrast. Colors that combine well with each other are placed next to each other or opposite each other. Get inspired by a number of options for combining green in the interior.

Mix with green blue
Green and blue are right next to each other on the color wheel and go perfectly together. A navy blue velvet sofa looks great against a sea green wall in a vintage interior. Or place a gray-and-blue majolica cabinet against a gray-green wall in a rustic interior.

Mix with green purple
Dark colors look great in a classic interior. Instead of more obvious options like dark green and navy or dark green and black, opt for a bold combination of dark green and purple. For example, set deep purple furniture against a dark green wall or keep it smaller by choosing purple home accessories. Greens and purples also go well together in a country home. Wild lilacs and home accessories stand out beautifully against the mint green wall.

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Mix with green black
Black is also a color that goes well with green. In an industrial interior, steel furniture in black looks incredibly cool against a gray-green wall. In a classically furnished living room, an olive green wall brings the needed warmth to a black interior.

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