September 26, 2022

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Union player Burgess is angry at referee Jonathan Lardot's behavior: 'He called me the worst defender he's ever seen'

Union player Burgess is angry at referee Jonathan Lardot’s behavior: ‘He called me the worst defender he’s ever seen’

Christian Burgess was not satisfied with the behavior of referee Jonathan Lardot during the Antwerp-Union match. According to the vice-champion defender, Lardot described him as “the worst center back he’s ever seen.

Vincent van Gensten

“Two red cards and a penalty kick for Antwerp,” said the Englishman. “These are great gifts.” Defeat 4-2. “(Lardot, editor) was playing a big part in that and he enjoyed it. You know, when the referee tells you: I think you are the worst defender I have ever seen…then you can just ask yourself what’s going on in his head. He should try to remain neutral and conduct the competition with integrity. It’s not good to hear that, if you’re trying to play football and you want to be competitive.”

“Yeah, he really said that, in the second half where you’re 4-2 behind and playing nine. That’s what he said. I’m not happy with that and I want to say that here,” it sounded.


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