June 14, 2024

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Unprecedented heat in Asia: more than 40 degrees in Siberia, China flirts with 50 (!) Degrees |  Weather News

Unprecedented heat in Asia: more than 40 degrees in Siberia, China flirts with 50 (!) Degrees | Weather News

Asia is groaning under an unprecedented heat. In Siberia, the mercury has risen above 40 degrees today and, according to climatologist Maximiliano Herrera, “dozens of records have been broken.” China has recorded over 45 degrees and is flirting up to 50 degrees. Herrera talks about a “historic heat wave that has rewritten the history of our climate.” And it could go wrong.

The heat wave in Asia has now entered its 13th week. Herrera talks about “the most brutal endless heatwave the world has ever seen”.

in Siberia The mercury already topped 38 degrees in some places this past weekend and temperatures have been measured like never before. Today it has gotten worse and has even crossed the 40-degree mark during “the worst heat wave in Siberian history”. The reason is not far fetched: such heat at high latitudes is a typical feature of climate change.

in China They take it to a point. There, too, one record after another has been broken in countless places in recent weeks. At high altitudes between 2000 and 3500, temperatures are close to world records. Today, the mercury rose above 45 degrees, and according to Herrera, the “historic heat wave of 2023” is still continuing, temperatures are heading towards 50 degrees, and new maximum temperatures are expected in most parts of the country during the next ten days.


Similar story VietnamAnd Laos And Thailand, as the heat also lasts for months and records are being broken on the assembly line. In late April and early May, the mercury jumped to an unprecedented high of 43.5 degrees. In the summer of 2022, something similar could be seen.

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Uzbekistan It recorded 43 degrees yesterday and Kazakhstan 41 degrees. Meteorological Service Japan It just announced that it had recorded the warmest period from March to May in its history.

Our oceans are also warming more than at any time since March. The average surface water temperature is currently just under 21.1 degrees, where it normally would be 20 degrees. In the North Atlantic it reaches 22.2 degrees, the highest temperature ever recorded there.

look. This map shows where it will get very hot by the end of this century

Same story at the equator in the eastern Pacific Ocean, where El Niño develops. This is a strong rise in the temperature of normally cold sea water, affecting weather in large parts of the world. It’s the first time we’ve had an El Niño start with such warm oceans. This raises concerns that we may expect more extreme – perhaps unseen – weather in the coming months.

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