December 7, 2023

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Up to 93 channels in the basic package: which operator will offer you the widest TV offer?  How much do additional channels cost?  |  My guide

Up to 93 channels in the basic package: which operator will offer you the widest TV offer? How much do additional channels cost? | My guide

independentFour telecom providers also offer TV service in their telecom packages: Telenet, Proximus, Orange, and Scarlet. Each of them has a basic package that you can expand in different ways. But who offers the biggest basic offering, and what (unique) paid add-ons are available? How great would this offer be if you chose an app instead of a set-top box, and how much would you save? independentbender.b Discover it.

Written by Lisa Myers in collaboration with Independent


Basic packages

The differences between the basic range of subscriptions with a set-top box are not so large if we look only at the major players in the telecommunications market. Telenet offers 93 channels, making it the largest basic offering. Anyone watching TV via Proximus has access to over 80 TV channels, and Orange keeps it a bit limited to 70 channels. Scarlet is a different story, with a range of 31 channels. For those who only watch the most-watched channels, the smaller number is no problem at all.

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How much do you pay extra for additional options?

Would you prefer something more? There are various “packages” containing additional channels for movies, series, sports, documentaries, children’s series, etc.

• Orange
The offer in Orange is the smallest: you can only choose Orange Football, which costs an additional €10.99 per month.

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• Proximus
In Proximus you can choose from a lot of add-ons. Thanks to the introductory formula, you can also watch the paid options for free for the first month – with the exception of the Netflix, Disney+ and Pickx+ options, a channel with movies, live sports, documentaries and concerts, for which you pay €4.99 each month. You get a three-month free trial.

There’s also Pickx Mix with 20 channels for movies, series and documentaries for €10.99 per month, and Pickx Sports with 30 channels for €16.99 per month. There’s also an adult option with five +18 channels, for which you pay an additional €19.95 per month. You can order Disney+ for €8.99 per month. Depending on the format chosen, Netflix is ​​available from €8.99 per month.

You can choose the all-inclusive Pickx All Stars format with Netflix, Disney+, Pickx Mix and Pickx+, to which you can add Pickx Sports. Without Sports you pay €24.99 per month for the first three months, then €29.99 per month. Including sports, you pay an additional €10 per month. In addition, there are two offers from Proximus partners: Studio 100 GO Pass, which costs €5.95 per month, and Streamz at €5.95 per month for one year. You can update Streamz to Streamz+.

Scarlet, which works with the Proximus network, offers some Proximus payment options: Pickx Mix, Pickx+, Pickx Sports, and Adult.

• Telenet
Telenet, which already has the largest basic package, also has a very wide range of add-ons. There’s Play Sports (13 channels from €21.95 per month or €9.95 per 24 hours), and you can subscribe to Streamz for international series and Studio 100 programmes.

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Streamz ranges between €8.95 and €11.95 per month, depending on the length of your subscription. You can watch for two weeks for free at a time. You can also choose Streamz Basic – where you receive ads and can’t watch offline, but only pay €5.95 per month – or Streamz+, which costs €19.95 per month for a view that includes the latest movies.

Play More includes the Streamz+ offer, as well as four channels showing documentaries, three channels showing films and series, one lifestyle channel, three children’s channels and two channels for over-18s, for €24.95 per month. Passion XL completes the list with three +18 channels for €19.95 per month. You get a five percent discount if you combine two or more options. If you subscribe to Netflix and Streamz, you’ll save €3.45 per month.

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Display in the app

Do you only watch the most popular channels? Then you might wonder if it’s better to leave the set-top box and watch TV via an app. Telenet, Proximus and Orange offer cheaper variants for this purpose, albeit with a very limited basic offering.

Telenet has the smallest offering, with only 14 channels. With this formula, you’ll also lose direct access to streaming services and additional apps like YouTube. The Orange TV Plus app includes 20 channels, and those who watch TV with Proximus in a non-decoder format can choose from 32 channels. Using these formulas, you can save around €10 per month, while keeping the most watched channels and you can often add the same payment options.

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