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As autumn approaches: This is how you avoid the mirror-smooth balcony and green deposits |  My guide

As autumn approaches: This is how you avoid the mirror-smooth balcony and green deposits | My guide

vtwonenIn the coming months, your patio or deck could be transformed into an ice skating rink in no time. Green deposits can also cause a lot of slippage. Besides, it doesn’t look good. How can you prevent your porch or wooden deck from becoming slippery and green? This is a tip

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What makes a wooden porch or deck slippery?

The balcony or wooden deck is not smooth and slippery in itself. Wood is a naturally rough material. However, the type of wood has an effect. Softwood species absorb more moisture and are therefore more susceptible to developing green deposits than hardwood terraces or decks. Water isn’t the only thing that makes your patio or deck slippery. Dirt caused by weather conditions does this too.

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Prevent slipping

To prevent your wooden porch or decks from slipping due to green deposits, it is important to keep everything clean. Especially in places where there is little sunlight. It is easier to stay hydrated here than other places, so green deposits form more quickly.

How often you need to clean your balcony depends on the weather. In the fall, you obviously have to clean a lot because of the wetness and falling leaves. Never wait too long before cleaning: the longer you wait, the more dirt will stick to the wood panels.

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The best way to clean a porch or wooden deck is to use a broom and some water. Preferably hot water. The algae that form the green deposits die at about 65 degrees. Are there many papers? Then use a stiff broom to clean everything together first.

If you have stubborn green deposits, use a little water and green soap. Green soap has a natural formula. So you don’t have to worry about the environment or damaging the wood.

Preparing for winter

To prevent your wooden porch or deck from becoming an ice skating rink in the winter, winterize it. Make sure the balcony is clean and that the balcony has enough breathing room. For example, do not place too many pots next to each other. In addition, it is advisable to treat the wooden terrace or decking with decking and decking oil. This way the wood remains protected and in best condition.

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