December 6, 2023

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Would you like unlimited, tax-free extra income through a flexible job?  You can expect this net salary |  My guide

Would you like unlimited, tax-free extra income through a flexible job? You can expect this net salary | My guide

GobatAt the end of 2022, at least 108,202 Belgians had flexible jobs. This was 20 percent more than the previous year. Success lies not only in the high degree of flexibility that comes with the work, it is above all an easy way to earn a good penny in addition to your regular job (which should be at least ⅘) or as a retiree. It highlights a range of great flexible jobs and explains what you can gain from them.

Written by Johnny Hormans in collaboration with Jobat

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From cooking to bleaching

The widest range of flexible jobs can currently be found in the catering industry, the sector for which the platform was initially created. At least a quarter of them are currently working as flexible workers. currently lists more than 200 vacancies for catering staff in this state, including – in addition to the high demand for waiters and bar staff – also some less mundane job offers. I’m thinking of Wine farm employee or Cooking for KRC Genk For the football fans among us. In addition, there are currently approximately 300 vacancies for flexible positions in other sectors, for very diverse positions.

Are you looking for an authentic, flexible job? For example, Bleach Center Belgium employs one Teeth whitening employee. Experience is not a requirement, because you will receive training on the job. In addition to whitening clients’ teeth, you are responsible for maintaining the business and a range of administrative tasks through to creating content for various social media channels. On top of your starting wage of €11.81 per hour, you will receive compensation for your travel costs. So you can see that you can really go in any direction with the flexible function.

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Do you want to earn extra money with a flexible job? Read more about terms and benefits here.

A minimum of €11.81 net per hour

You can get a classic, flexible job at a bakery near you. There is an additional delicious option with the job title “chocolatier”, where tasting is also mandatory. As with most flexible jobs, you can do this for a fee depending on volume. The minimum wage you earn as a worker in a flexible job is €10.97 per hour, plus €0.84 of immediate paid holiday pay.

For an extra nice note: You will receive this minimum €11.81 per net hour in your account, because you don’t owe any Social Security contributions or taxes on your salary, while you build social rights into it. Your salary is often negotiable, especially if: For example: I worked night shifts at a bakery Your hourly wage may still exceed this minimum.

little more

Drivers also have many options to earn extra money as workers in a flexible position, and the salary quickly becomes more competitive. For example, you get paid €12.74 per hour To deliver flowers To supermarkets and deliver on site in the dual role of merchandiser.

Do you combine a good sense of style with a talent for sales? ZEB clothing store It also offers just over the minimum: 11.61 per hour. With 7.67% of holiday pay, you also end up with €12.5 per hour.

Sunday work: 2 euros extra

If you want to make the cash register sound a little louder with your flexible job, you might consider working on Sundays. In catering, for example, you get an additional fee of €2 per hour, which means your hourly wage is at least €13.81.

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But also For a butcher You usually give a little more for the work you do there. A wage of between 12 and 13 euros per hour is not unusual, and often excludes holiday pay and benefits such as mileage allowance.

Separate wages in health care

Just as there are conditions attached to who can do a flexible job, there are also restrictions on where you can work. However, since this year, the sectors in which you can work as a flexible worker have been expanded to include sport, cinema operation, performing arts, music and the healthcare sector.

To help fill the severe staff shortage in the latter, workers in flexible positions can also count on an adjusted wage starting at €15.39 per hour (€14.29 salary + €1.10 holiday pay).

advice: View all sectors where you can work as a flexible worker.

Technician: more than 17 euros per hour

If you’ve got a taste for technology, you may be able to boost your “flexible pay” even further. With some experience, it is realistic to earn up to an additional €16.50 a hand worker In the hotel sector. You will then receive an additional €1.27 in holiday pay, taking your hourly wage to €17.77.

Is your ultimate flexible job not listed? Check out the full range of nearly 500 vacancies for flexible jobs on

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