April 22, 2024

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Update for the first (!) Chromecast (Android News #48)

Update for the first (!) Chromecast (Android News #48)

Samsung Galaxy S23 may appear in February and older Chromecast devices will receive updates. That and more in this week’s Android news roundup.

Read on after the announcement.

Rumour: Samsung Galaxy S23 presented in early February

The year 2023 is slowly approaching and that also means that it won’t be long before Samsung unveils new Galaxy S smartphones. The Galaxy S23 It has been leaked several times and is now set to be announced in early February, according to a new rumour. A Korean source reports that Samsung wants to unveil the phones during a big event in San Francisco.

An exact date is unfortunately unknown, but early February seems plausible. The Galaxy S22And the Galaxy S22 Plus And the Galaxy S22 Ultra It was unveiled on February 9 this year. Bee s 21Phones, however, Samsung opted for the January announcement, while it chose Galaxy S20 It appeared in February.

Samsung Galaxy S23 is likely to arrive in February

Spotify Wrapped 2022: This is how you see your annual music show

Spotify wrapped 2022

It’s for a lot SpotifyUsers Ultimate Advantage: Overview of your most played music of the year. Spotify Wrapped 2022 is now ready for you. When you open the app on your phone, you are immediately invited to view the numerous stats. Spotify continuously records what you’re listening to and translates this information in an attractive way each year into an overview of your favorite artists, songs, podcasts, and albums.

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So you can not only see which songs and artists you’ve listened to the most, but also, for example, what new genres you’ve discovered. In addition, the app tells you how many minutes you’ve listened to Spotify. By the way, that can be quite a confrontation.

This is Spotify Wrapped 2022

Renders showing the Google Pixel 7a with a renewed camera strip

Google Pixel 7a shown

The Google Pixel 6a It is one of the best affordable Android smartphones in the market. So we are looking forward to his successor, who will most likely appear in the summer of 2023. The famous tasty OnLeaks He posted renders of the Google Pixel 7a. That’s why we already have a good photo of the device, which will soon be on sale in white and dark gray colors.

The back of the smartphone is very similar to the back of a regular phone Google Pixel 7. So the camera strip is no longer made of glass, as we saw on the Pixel 6a. Whether Google uses metal for this strap, as it does on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, remains to be seen. The search giant may choose plastic to save costs.

View Google Pixel 7a renders

OnePlus is improving its update policy: up to five years of phone support

OnePlus 10 Pro

Do you think it is important for a smartphone to last a long time? Then good software support is essential. OnePlus It announces that it is improving its update policy. Starting in 2023, the company will provide “select models” with four new versions of Android. You can also count on five years of security patches.

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OnePlus has not yet mentioned which smartphones it is about. We can guess: maybe only high-end devices like it OnePlus 11 for the new update policy. This phone may have been out of the box Android 13 You will therefore also receive Android 14 to 17 in the future.

Improved update policy for OnePlus

The original Chromecast is getting an update for the first time in three (!)

Chromecast 2013

Google has released a software update The original Chromecastwhich was released in 2013. The ten-year-old media player is now said to be running on version 1.36.159268 9to5Google. The site also knows that the Third generation Chromecast (from 2018) to a new software release.

These are small updates that mainly implement improvements in the background. And in practice, you’ll hardly notice the new software. However, it’s so cool The Google It continues to support older media players, so users who still have the devices at home can continue streaming.

These Chromecasts are updated