April 23, 2024

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US government simplifies immigration procedures for Af ...

US government simplifies immigration procedures for Af …


The U.S. government has decided to relax the immigration procedure for refugees in Afghanistan so that they can easily integrate into the American community. The Department of National Security (DHS) said on Monday.

Proof: Belgian

About 70,000 Afghans have arrived in the United States since the “Welcome Allies” deportation began on July 30. They can follow simple procedures to get a green card or residence permit, required work permit etc. They do not even have to pay the registration fee. The move is very welcome because the costs of obtaining a residence permit are in the thousands of dollars.

“By providing exemptions for these evictees with simple procedures and payment of fees, we are opening up opportunities for our Afghan allies and helping them build their lives in our country faster,” said Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayerkas. “These actions demonstrate our commitment to Afghans and to endangered Afghans who have provided significant assistance to the United States over the past 20 years.”

More than 120,000 people were evacuated from the Afghan capital, Kabul, this summer as international troops fled the country after the Taliban seized power. Among them are diplomats and foreigners, as well as tens of thousands of Afghans at risk of assisting the international community’s troops in the country. About 70,000 of them have been cared for by the United States.

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