July 18, 2024

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US invests .5 billion to fix…

US invests $15.5 billion to fix…

This support is published under Inflationary Reduction Act (IRA), a law passed by Congress last year to “protect the national interests of the United States.” It is possible 400 billion is spent on promotion Clean energy. In this context, the Biden administration has decided to do so $15.5 billion to be provided Changing car factoriesThis will enable them to quickly assemble electrified vehicles and manufacture their components.

Will oil prices spike again at the end of 2022?

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Through this ambitious investment plan, the US government wants to… Driving force to give National car manufacturersMainly Ford and General Motors, is still struggling to make electric vehicles profitable. “The Domestic Replacement Subsidy Scheme is intended to support industries to transform… Local hybrid, plug-in hybrid, 100% electric and hydrogen vehicles to produce”.

The Ministry of Energy said, “Car manufacturers, depending on their capital requirements, can apply for assistance Financial grants” by the Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains. The plan also aims to protect jobs where the transition has not yet begun, to prevent mass layoffs as a result of the announced end of the combustion engine.

Also support for start-ups

In addition to supporting giants in the automotive industry, the government wants to: American startups Specializing in electric vehicles Rivian and Lucid, to lend a helping hand. These are small businesses that are still struggling to increase productivity Big losses. This project is one more way for the country Domestic supply chains to strengthen. On top of that, Joe Biden wants to get on the right track on climate change.

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The tipping point has been reached

Even the President of the United States knows this Car industry Located in one endpoint located. Jennifer M. Granholm, US Secretary of EnergySaid: “President Biden is investing in the workers and industries that make our country together A world power in manufacturing have done Our recent announcements show that the president understands that building the cars of the future means helping companies transform The end of the combustion engine”.

Some Manufacturers in the USA In fact, they have already started doing so Click from their factories Electric vehicles. For example, this is the case Honda plant in Marysville, Ohio. It’s the same Toyota site in Georgetown, electrified vehicles will soon sweep off production lines. Further General Motors Following his example Detroit-Hamtramck Plant.

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