May 26, 2024

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US Politician Suspected of Journalist's Killing: "Settlement After Sharp Articles on Mismanagement and Scandals" |  Abroad

US Politician Suspected of Journalist’s Killing: “Settlement After Sharp Articles on Mismanagement and Scandals” | Abroad

In the US city of Las Vegas, police have arrested a politician suspected of the murder of Jeff German, a journalist for the local newspaper, “The Las Vegas Review-Journal”. A 69-year-old German was found dead last Saturday from multiple stab wounds. The journalist recently wrote several articles about some of the high-profile scandals surrounding General Manager Robert Telles (45). So the latter may have been eliminated by the German.

“The suspect in the September 2, 2022 murder has been arrested,” a statement from the Las Vegas Police Department said. According to “The Las Vegas Review-Journal,” the 45-year-old is a public official in the Clark County Department of State, which includes Las Vegas. The newspaper had access to prison records confirming the incarceration of Telles on suspicion of murder.

Journalist Jeff German, 69, was killed after being stabbed multiple times in front of his home. A few days after the murder, the police released photos of the main suspect’s car. That car, a red GMC Yukon, was parked in the Telles driveway and seized during the search, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

A police officer during a search of the home of politician Robert Telles. © AP

A police officer during a search of the home of politician Robert Telles.

A police officer during a search of the home of politician Robert Telles. © AP


The German recently wrote a series of articles on the mismanagement of Telles. For example, the journalist wrote that the driver could not manage his employees and that he created a “hostile workplace” with bullying and nepotism. The journalist also mentioned other misconduct by Telles at a local government office managing the estates of people dying without a will. Additionally, the 40-year-old allegedly had an affair with one of his employees.

The Democrat denied the allegations and criticized the German and the “defamatory article” on social media. “The German is angry because I didn’t crawl into the corner and he’s dead yet,” he said in a defensive tweet. High-profile German articles prevented Telles from being re-elected in the June Democratic primary.

“The gold standard of the news world”

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that a German has worked as a journalist in Las Vegas for 40 years. He mainly talked about crime and corruption among city managers. According to editor-in-chief Glenn Cook, the journalist never had any concerns about his safety. The editors deeply regret the death of the German. “It was the gold standard of the news world,” Cook said, who said he was “relieved” by Telles’ arrest.

The politician is scheduled to appear in court Thursday afternoon, according to data from Clark County Jail.

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