May 21, 2024

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Vaccinated or cured only in the pub: According to Ab Osterhaus, the 2G model is the solution to increasing vaccination coverage

Vaccinated or cured only in the pub: According to Ab Osterhaus, the 2G model is the solution to increasing vaccination coverage

Infection numbers continue to rise across Europe, in our country 12,000 were reached at the end of this week. In Austria, as of today, only people who have been vaccinated or have been treated for corona are welcome in the restaurant industry. “Good solution,” says virologist Ab Osterhaus.

“We are still at the end of the epidemic,” says virologist Ab Osterhaus. “It’s not over yet. Now it’s not going well, so new measures have to be taken.”

murder and fire

“These hospitals are screaming for kill and fire,” says Ab Osterhaus. “New measures have been announced, but they have to be implemented very consistently. We really have to stick to them and I have an idea that’s happening quite a bit now.”

Osterhaus privately hopes that the vaccination rate can still be raised somehow. So the question arises whether the 2G model will be the solution in our country, just as in other countries. Osterhaus thinks so.


2G and 3G, what is this?

3G is currently used in the Dutch restaurant industry. You cannot enter a catering company unless you areNSCorona vaccine “if you are from it”NSto reador if you’NSVirus test. And you can prove it by using a QR code as a Corona ticket. In some other countries, the letter G is dropped for testing, and you are only welcome if you are gevaccineerd from gto read; 2G system.

Restriction of liberties

A 2G model was introduced in Austria today and Osterhaus saw how immediately there was a big run of vaccines. “All the people who want to get vaccinated anyway. That’s a very positive effect for me.”

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Osterhaus opposes compulsory vaccination, but nonetheless comments. “Everyone has to make this choice themselves, but the freedoms you enjoy as an unvaccinated person may have to be restricted.”

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very serious

On Friday there will be a new “weighing moment”. Then it will be clear whether new measures will be taken and Mark Rutte and Hugo de Jong may hold another press conference. As an infectious disease designer at Wageningen University, Marino van Zelst keeps a close eye on Corona numbers and does not see the expansion of the Corona Pass as the next step. He fears that stricter measures will be necessary.

“The numbers are already so serious that you can no longer only intervene in areas where infections are rising. It is only a matter of time before they become very dangerous across the country.”

‘Corona ticket is not enough’

According to Van Zelst, it remains to be seen whether the measures announced last Tuesday will be sufficient. Then it was suggested that the next step could be to expand the Corona entry card, including work, for example.

“The virus is now moving so fast that it is questionable whether you will survive by just expanding the Corona card.” Van Zelst thinks that’s not enough. “If everyone suddenly follows basic procedures, the infection may be affected, but it doesn’t go down very quickly. A decision needs to be made there, do you want to reduce the infection very severely, or do you want to have the highest number of infections that can be controlled?”

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So Van Zelst believes that stricter measures are necessary. “A month ago, some simple measures could have been taken. Now it will again become an expensive joke and you are already dealing with heavy measures with significant social, social and economic consequences.”

As Van Zelst rightly points out, there is also debate within the experts. Scholars differ in opinion and vision. “One thinks it is enough if you assume that everyone will adhere to basic measures again, and the other sees an increase in infection and thinks, strict intervention is necessary to turn the tide again.”

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