April 21, 2024

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Vaccinated tourists are welcome again முறை Holiday Page Blog • Travel and Holiday News

The long wait to travel to the United States is over: foreigners with the corona vaccine will be allowed to re-enter the United States from November. The relaxation comes after more than a year and a half of comprehensive travel bans for many nationalities, including those living in the European Union and the United Kingdom.

The travel industry may sigh with relief, but many individuals who have been separated from family and friends for months are happy to be able to travel back to the United States. According to the announcement, adults will need to prove that they have been vaccinated before boarding a flight to the United States. In addition, the White House Corona virus coordinator announced that, as in the past, travelers must show a negative corona test for no more than three days.

Many details are not yet clear

A White House spokesman said the exact guidelines for how the follow-up would take place would be announced later. This also applies to the question of which vaccines are approved by the United States and how the vaccine should be proven. So far, only three vaccines have been approved in the United States: those from Pfizer / Biotech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson (Johnson).

End to entry restrictions

Then US President Donald Trump introduced a ban on entry to foreigners from large parts of Europe in March 2020, at the onset of the corona epidemic. In contrast, the European Union had already asked its member states in June to gradually lift restrictions on travelers from the United States and many other countries.

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The Netherlands and other EU countries also believed that Washington’s rules should be relaxed. However, these relaxations were delayed and the sit-in caused some frustration among Europeans.