April 21, 2024

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Vandenbroek: Compulsory vaccination is coming in healthcare

“We will all have to prepare aggressively to contain the fourth corona wave.” This was stated by Health Minister Frank Vandenbroek on Canvas on Wednesday. “Making a Vaccine for Those in Care Is Coming”.

The halo numbers are going in the wrong direction again. Minister Vandenbroek (Forweet) expects a sharp increase in the number of infections and hospitalizations in the coming days. That’s what he said on Terzake. Although the fourth wave was expected, it was still rather large. We will be afraid in the next few days.

According to Vandenbroucke, there’s no reason to panic, but the numbers should still be a wake-up call. The system will not overturn if we use common sense and caution. In other words: we have to use everything we have at home.

It’s about more vaccinations – there are still municipalities where the vaccination rate is low, as in the Flemish municipalities around Brussels – but also about wearing a mouth mask. “It is not because it is no longer generally required in Flanders that it cannot be a useful tool,” says the minister. There are still 70,000 adults in Antwerp who have not been vaccinated. this is not good’.

There are still 70,000 adults in Antwerp who have not been vaccinated.

Frank Vandenbrooke

Minister of Health

Vandenbrooke is calling for people who are feeling sick to stay home. And remote work shouldn’t be pushed aside too quickly. “Remote work can’t hurt in these circumstances.”

The use of a Corona certificate in the workplace, as it is happening in Italy, may be a talking point for Vandenbroucke. Although he maintains that such a thing is legally impossible today. “Let’s stick to what’s legal.”

Compulsory vaccination

Vandenbroek was clear about the advisory panel’s decision in August to require health care workers to be vaccinated. This commitment is coming. The legal text was drawn up in the first version and then submitted to the government. I hope the law gets passed before Christmas, but I’m not sure it will. However, I can not imagine that next summer there will still be people who work in care who have not been vaccinated.

Hospitals have already advised Vandenbroucke Anti-vaccination in health care(g) And if necessary shoot, de Tejd reported Wednesday. This was done on the advice of the National Action Council.