June 24, 2024

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Vanhaezebrouck: "With 5 defenders, the Red Devils are not enough to press" |  Jupiler Pro League

Vanhaezebrouck: “With 5 defenders, the Red Devils are not enough to press” | Jupiler Pro League

When Hein Vanhaezebrouck speaks, he does not utter his words. Or almost never. At Extra Time, the AA Gent coach spoke freely, as usual, except when it came to the National Coach role.

“I’m the national team coach? This is a hypothetical question”

“Do you have ambitions to become a national coach one day,” Hein Vanheisbrück was asked during the first round of questions. The evasive answer was “This is a hypothetical question”. However, the question was not whether he would become a national coach, but what his ambitions would be.

Vanhaezebrouck about the many penalty misses from AA Gent

If we really have someone who always wants to execute a penalty on this core, we know they’re not really a specialist.

About the tactical system and the difference with the Red Devils

After a question about Samoise’s role, Hein Vanhaezebrouck explained the AA Gent’s flexible system. “My boss always says we defend with threes, but we actually defend with fours.”

“The Red Devils defend with five players. You often hear that Belgium cannot press forward, but with five defenders you are just one short player in midfield. And then the opponent will drive you crazy.

“Tiki-taka in Ghent? Apart from the title in England, City haven’t won anything yet”

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Japanese footballers are often incredibly fit in Belgium.

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