May 21, 2024

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‘Veganist’ Ian Thomas eet weer vlees en komt 15 kilo bij: “Belangrijk om te luisteren naar je lichaam”

“Vegan” Ian Thomas eats meat again and gains 15 kilograms: “B …

Ian Thomas in 2018 and now. The singer is no longer a vegetarian. He does not want extremism anymore.
Photo: RR

After more than seven years, singer Ian Thomas has given up on going vegan. He wants to make his life a little easier with this. Especially at parties and dinners, the star found it annoying that everyone should take him into account. Be a Vegan regrets Thomas’ decision to succumb to social pressures.

The singer stresses that he wants to continue to live healthy, and that this include a balanced diet. He admits that it is very easy to go to extremes, but since a friend said that it is important to have a dose in life, he sometimes eats a piece of meat, fish or an egg. “It’s important to listen to your body,” he said in Day All.

I gained 15 kilos

Sports is also part of a healthy lifestyle, according to the singer. For example, you can find him several times a week in the fitness center, where he fights fifteen kilograms of corona. Because he had an accident and a broken knee, he had to settle for less movement for a while. Not ideal in combination with the Corona crisis and its associated shutdowns. “But now no more chips and soda, especially everything in moderation,” it seems. As well as animal products.

At Be Vegan, they regret Thomas’ decision to eat animal products again. They say, “Veganism gets easier.” “It’s a shame that he is subject to social pressures.” Yet the organization also encourages him. They assert that the star still believes in vegetarianism, but it’s not always easy to be consistent.

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Finally, of course, there is also the most important thing: his music! Thomas Dag tells Al Yamal that he is working on releasing some songs under his own management. There are also some TV recordings in the programme. Reasons enough to be perfectly fit again.