December 1, 2023

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Verheyen not impressed with RSCA player: ‘It is what it is’

Verheyen not impressed with RSCA player: ‘It is what it is’

At RSC Anderlecht, Thomas Delaney’s retirement is a major setback. The Danish midfielder quickly became a decisive player. His replacement could not convince against KAS Eupen. Geert Verheyen wasn’t impressed either.

Amadou Diawara was allowed to appear as his replacement. The experienced midfielder played well, but nothing more. There remains a problem with the ball and Diawara is not certain at the positional level. Theo Leoni and Mats Ritts have reached a higher level.

Diawara cannot convince

Commentator Peter Morin wasn’t really convinced by the former Roma and Napoli player’s performance. Co-commentator Geert Verheyen asked: “Whether it’s 70 or 85%, I’m not devastated. Will anything happen, Gert? We’ve seen it too often now to expect anything else to happen.” It is what it is, I guess.

Diawara shows enough commitment and cannot be blamed in terms of manpower. In terms of footballing ability and its impact on the game, it is simply not enough. He can’t manage his team, and for a player with this salary (1.5-2 million euros in total) you should expect more.

Strong Leonie and Ritz

Leoni and Ritz were among the best at Anderlecht against Eupen. It remains strange how some observers saw Leoni disappear from the team eight days ago. He performed very well all season and often captained the team.

With 5 assists and 1 goal in 9 matches, he also has the number ’10’. So it ensures adequate supply. Rits also entered the opposition penalty area more against Eupen, so there are many attacking options in the midfield at RSCA.

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