June 21, 2024

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Verhoeven on his kickboxing video with Yeşilgöz: “Rico is pro-VVD, it’s the trend now”

Verhoeven on his kickboxing video with Yeşilgöz: “Rico is pro-VVD, it’s the trend now”

The video shows how VVD party leader Dylan Yeşilgoz and Rico Verhoeven confront each other in the boxing ring. They talk to each other about sports, which the politician also plays. Among other things, she says: “I think it’s a great sport, also because of what it does to you mentally. It gives you a lot of self-confidence.”

not clear

NOC*NSFThe organization that wants to promote sports in the Netherlands posted the video on YouTube as part of the “Sports Don’t Just Happen” campaign. It is accompanied by the following text: “Sport is no longer self-evident for everyone. This must change. It is time for politicians to take action and use the power of sport on a massive scale.”

The comprehensive sports organization not only focused on the VVD party, but promised: “In addition to Dylan Yeşilgoz, we challenge other party leaders to talk to top athletes, stay tuned.”

Tonight at Bo’s table, Verhoeven said he supports initiatives “to give disadvantaged people a space to exercise.” “But the trend is now: Rico is pro-VVD.” He doesn’t find it funny.

“Never good”

Verhoeven could have expected that, is the response of broadcaster Bo van Erveen Doorens. “Then you should have given her a corner kick,” jokes Rob Kemps, also at the table.

Asked if he found it annoying if people thought his vote was going to Yeşilgoz – who practices kickboxing – he said: “Yes, of course. I’m not left-wing, I’m not right-wing. I don’t want to get too involved.” With politics too, because in the end you’ll never get it right.

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