November 30, 2023

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Here we go again |  Customer first

Here we go again | Customer first

If not, I would love to provide feedback, as the goal is to give every guest a 10/10 experience. I love this question. But at the bottom of the banner they explain NPS incorrectly. Because 0 to 7 turns orange: bad experience. The numbers 8, 9 and 10 appear in green, which is a good experience.

Fortunately, I can overcome my frustration at the gym. After exercising, I take the elevator to my room. And what do I find in the elevator, in such an ugly plastic container? correct. A4 cobblestone plot with this question again: whether I give this hotel 10/10. Or – if I receive a survey later – I still want to give it a 10. OK. This A4 is definitely not a 10. I give it more than a 2. Bonus points for asking for feedback, but here they are also misinterpreting NPS. Or they should ask about customer satisfaction, but I don’t think so.

I’m going to take a nice bath. There is shampoo, but no conditioner, a nice point of improvement to report later. If they ask for feedback, they can get it.

It’s time for breakfast. When I walk into the room, I see placemats everywhere on the table. A quote about smiling and half-dreading gives space to… Question to the same ten. Translation of English text: “Most guests gave our breakfast a 10/10.” If there is anything that can be improved, please let us know. Because in our world the number 7 is as bad as the number 1.’

hopsaki. In one hour they asked me 10/10 three times. I looked around and found that breakfast is not 10. The staff forgets to bring my neighbor an omelette. Mushrooms are delicious. For me it is 7.

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How did this happen? That chase for ten? Was he a trainee? Is it pressure from head office? Or an ambitious general manager? It bothers me. I count to ten when I fill out the questionnaire. It’s really a pass 7. Pass, I’m “neutral”. No more, no less. And they think this is a bad thing? Maybe next time we will go to Townhouse again.

As for my YouTube channel videos: I’d love to take a look at them. My channel is not a ten, but definitely a pass.

Ninky Bloom