July 21, 2024

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VLAM expects the US market

VLAM expects the US market

BelOrta was in full anticipation and was able to map out the possibilities and sensitivities for their breeders. In New York, we had the opportunity to hire chefs to taste with our quality products. This helped American buyers get to know our products better in an original way.

Phytosanitary causes

remoulades, asparagus à la flamande and braised chicory were very popular and gave American buyers a fresh look at our best products. In this way, VLAM wants to get to know the offer better and expand our exports to more products. ‘Belgian Endeavors’ is on display for our exports.

It is important to see which products have the potential, but are currently not allowed to enter the United States for phytosanitary reasons. For this purpose, VLAM seeks to expedite market access files with competent authorities in both the United States and Belgium. Importers in the United States made this clear and longed for the time when they could import beef tomatoes from Belgium.

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Great trading nation

The United States is one of the largest trading nations in the world. Especially with fresh fruits and vegetables, we see a lot of these products growing in the United States; Tomatoes, lettuce, grapes, oranges, apples, …

The United States is the net importer of fresh fruits and vegetables, and this is on the rise. Except for small quantities of strawberries, apples and pears, a lot of ‘tropical’ fruits are imported. Imported peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, …

European countries supply fresh fruits and vegetables to the United States. Exports have been declining in recent years. A wide variety of products are sold, including pear, pepper, chicory, …

Within European countries, VLAM finds that forts to the United States for fresh fruit are Italy and Greece, and Spain and the Netherlands for fresh vegetables. Belgium is the 5th largest supplier here, mainly exporting chicory, leeks, Brussels sprouts and celery to the United States. Belgium is a strong player in the US market for chicory with 75% share.