April 15, 2024

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Volvo Gent shows first C40 and higher gear shifts...

Volvo Gent shows first C40 and higher gear shifts…


The first C40 rolled off the production line at Volvo Gent on Thursday. It is the second electric model to be awarded to the Belgian manufacturer, with which Ghent positions itself as a leader within the Sino-Swedish group. Next year, more than half of the cars produced in Ghent will be electric.

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“Go fast, hehe? “Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo said after driving the first C40 off the line. A few years ago people didn’t talk about electric cars. Here they know that this is how to build the cars of the future.”

De Croo is excited about the new C40 – a light blue color. “No exhaust fumes, no noise and very modern.”

The Ghent plant is one of the car manufacturers who have already switched to the production of electric cars in our country. “With this, we will continue to produce electric cars in our country.”

The arrival of the C40 is accompanied by a large wave of recruitment in Ghent. Ghent Factory – one of the most important industrial employers in Flanders – is looking for 500 new employees and about 700 temporary workers can be considered for a permanent contract.

Having a battery factory also means that the group has a lot of potential going forward to produce future models as well. Although the maximum capacity has been reached with about 6,500 employees today.