April 21, 2024

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The number of new cases of corona increased in the Netherlands |  Abroad

The number of new cases of corona increased in the Netherlands | Abroad

Last week, the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) reported that it had recorded 15,526 positive tests in seven days. This means that the number of confirmed infections increased by 70 percent in a week. Within two weeks, the number had nearly tripled.

According to the Royal Institute of Public Health, the increase can be seen “across the Netherlands and among all age groups”. The increase is due to the emergence of new sub-variants of the coronavirus omikron variant. They are better able to circumvent the immune system, but they do not appear to make people sicker. Also in Belgium And in other countries, the number of infections is increasing.

Because of the new corona wave, more and more people are taking a test to make sure they are infected. Test streets in the Netherlands conducted just over 32,000 coronavirus tests last week, more than the previous two weeks combined. Of those tests, 68 percent were positive, the highest number since early March.

The number of hospital admissions is also increasing. Last week, 268 people ended up in hospital due to complaints of corona, the highest number since the end of April. Complaints in 22 of them were so serious that they were admitted to intensive care. This is also the highest number since April.

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