May 27, 2024

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VRT rebroadcasts 26 banned episodes of "FC De Kampioenen" with VAT on character

VRT rebroadcasts 26 banned episodes of “FC De Kampioenen” with VAT on character

Jacob Becks as Bernard Theophil Waterslager.© VRT-TV1

Episodes of ‘FC De Kampioenen’ with the n-word and the tarnished cast are no longer on screen, but the years-banned episodes with the BTW character will air again from next week. “Yet I often heard it wasn’t that bad,” says actor Jacob Becks.

All these years, the repetition of a file is repeated FC . Champions again from the beginning. However, in 2011, it was first decided not to air volumes 9 and 10 as these were the least popular episodes with Bernard Theophil Watersliger as the antagonist. Taken as BTW, the red-light cook had to make Jacques Vermeire (DDT) forget at the end of the ’90s, but the character didn’t catch on. Over the years, the perception has arisen – in part because of the lowest ratings ever recorded for the series – that these are the worst episodes of FC . Champions goods. And so the episodes were skipped again in 2014. After the last episode of series 8, I moved straight to series 11. In 2017, it happened again. In 2020, BTW returned to the screen for a while, with the character making his last appearance ChampionsThe movie was released in theaters at the time.

In recent weeks, it turned out that for various reasons, VRT will no longer broadcast 19 episodes of the most popular comedy in Flanders, but 26 previously banned episodes will be broadcast with VAT again. We are now in season eight. Including taxesThe first episode of Volume 9 is scheduled for Thursday, August 25. The VAT deliveries are one of the few grapes still fully rendered. “I once said they don’t have to broadcast these episodes to me anymore. But right now it just doesn’t matter to me anymore,” says actor Jacob Becks. “Over the years I’ve been able to take more and more distance from this role. After all, it’s been taped for nearly a quarter of a century. If it came back on screen anyway, it definitely wouldn’t bother me. If it passed my retina while taking off, I might as well watch it.” Do you know that people regularly tell me that those episodes weren’t that bad?”

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Although his passage was not successful, the bridges between the actor and FC . Champions Do not explode. “That’s how you appeared as a baker in the last movie. Even though you missed me in it if I blinked at the wrong time.” (Laugh)